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  • Dutch Days Wuhan kicks off

    Digiboo by Tom Dekyvere Social Sparkles by Studio Toer and Digiboo by Tom Dekyvere, two lighting installation exhibitions created by these two famous Dutch artists, opened on November 21 at Tanhualin, Wuchang. The displays present visitors with interactive lights mimicking fireflies and a web of fluorescent ropes, creating the illusion that they have entered a world of fantasy. Social Sparkles by...【more】

  • Summit Forum on Wuhan Industrial Heritage Conservation and Reuse

    By Xu Ying Part of the 4th Wuhan Design Biennale, the Summit Forum on Wuhan Industrial Heritage Conservation and Reuse was held in the former site of Liddell Bros. Packing Plant which was designated industrial heritage. Organized by CITIC General Institute of Architectural Design and Research Co., Ltd.(CADI), 12 researchers from universities, construction companies, the municipality and CADI had r...【more】

  • 2016 IIDC New Media Art International Symposium and IIDC Annual Meeting To Be Held

    New Media Art and Urban Future New media art is increasingly growing with each passing day throughout the world as information technology rapidly develops. Led by frontier artists and scientists, new media art has gradually spread into urban development and construction, injecting into it innovative vigor and scientific and technological charm, so as to satisfy mankinds spiritual and material dema...【more】

  • 2016 China Wuhan Internet+ Conference on Innovation and Entrepreneurship

    On September 7th, 2016, the 2016 China Wuhan Internet+ Conference on Innovation and EntrepreneurshipKevin Kelly Dialog City of University Event was held in the stadium of Wuhan University of Technology. Strongly supported by the Hongshan District Government of Wuhan and sponsored by CEC Optics Valley, the event gathered over a thousand excellent business leaders, entrepreneurs, investors, and vari...【more】

  • "Moving forward with Dreams in Mind, the Future is Coming--China (Wuhan) Ruopu Creative Design Work

    Activity background In November 2015, Ruopu Space successfully hosted 2015 Wuhan Tonghuawuji Children Art Exhibition in cooperation with Wuhan Qingshan District Youth League Committee, Wuhan Qingshan District Education Bureau and Wuhan Evening News and in support of Wuhan Qingshan District Government. This art exhibition aims to discover the most creative little artists and check the power for fut...【more】

  • The 13th Taiwan Week of Wuhan, Hubei Province: 2016 CCIDE • The Third Cross - Strait Creative Inno

    The Third Cross - Strait Creative Innovation Summit Forum and Cenozoic Design Exchange Exhibition was held in Hubei University on November 9, 2016. The Forum and Exchange Exhibition is one of the activities of the 13th Taiwan Week of Wuhan, Hubei Province. It has brought together excellent cultural creative designers and business elites from both sides of the Taiwan straits, and aims to create a p...【more】

  • Budapest100 presents: open houses along the Danube

    The distance between the bridges Rákóczi and Árpád is almost 10 river kilometers. ...【more】

  • Rolling Stones

    INNOCAD architectural practice and its multidisciplinary team, consisting of fashion and product designers as well as sound and media designers, are the winners of the Kanonenhalle competition. The task of designing a new information centre for the Graz Tourist Office and creating an attractive entrance area for the Styrian State Armoury building required an approach that went beyond mere architect...【more】