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Wuhan: Construct "Five Cultural Cities", Build a City of Culture

Release time:2017-08-10 17:31

  Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, March 2 (Correspondent Zhou Jialu) Wuhan Municipal Government has developed a plan on the construction of "Five Cultural Cities" in 5 years from now, in order to improve cultural taste and build a City of Culture. At the conference of Propaganda and Ideological Education Work of Wuhan Municipality held on March 02, Yuan Chengfa, Standing Member of Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC and the Secretary of Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC explained the task for the construction of "Five Cultural Cities", namely, City of Reading, City of Museums, City of Arts, City of Design Creative, and City of Universities.

  On February 28, Opinions on Building "Five Cultural Cities" and Construction of City of Culture was specially issued by Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC and Wuhan Municipal Government; According to the Opinions, by 2016, perfect books service network system, with public books service network as main subject, supplementing by 24h self-service library, mobile library and social library, will be built; by that time, one central boos city will be built in three towns (Wuchang, Hanyang and Hankou), respectively, and at least 1×2000㎡ Xinhua Bookstore will be built in each district; Moreover, convenient digital reading service network will be built, to promote online reading, mobile reading and like digital reading modes; "Literary Wuhan-Mass Reading Month" activity will be organized, so as to foster reading fever in the whole society.

  In the coming 5 years, many museums will be built in Wuhan, to highlight its charm of famous historic city. Wuhan Municipal Government will support and guide various investment subjects to build museums in various forms and distinct features, such as Zhang ZhiDong and Modern Industrial Museum (Under planning), Museum of Han Opera etc; by 2016, a total of 100 museums will be completed in Wuhan region; in the realm of arts, domestically first-class Qintai Music Hall has been built, Han Show Theatre and Movie Theme Park will be built; in addition, Wuhan Centre of fine Arts, Wuhan Literature Museum and Wuhan Theatre of Folk Arts will be built, to form a high-end cultural front; construction of a lot of street art performing areas are under planning, to create urban artistic atmosphere; meanwhile, Wuhan International Acrobatic Art Festival, Qintai Music Festival and artistic works of Wuhan series are utilized to build bunch of famous art brands.

  Design creative industry in Wuhan will be developed in four aspects: facilitate the construction of engineering design industry cluster district, and hit ¥100.0 billion operating revenue y the end of "the 12th Five-Year Plan"; support the development and expansion of animation and games companies, such as Jiangtong Animation and Dolphin Media; develop software and IC (Integrated circuit) design industries relying on Optical Valley Software Park; support fashion design of garment, furnishing, jewelry etc by talents and specialty advantages of Wuhan; one of cultural features of Wuhan is densely distributed universities, Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC and Wuhan Municipal Government will make the best of this advantage to improve the cooperation of government, industry, university and research institution, facilitate coordinated development of universities and the city, actively promote opening of public resources like university libraries, gymnasiums, labs and information platforms to the public, and promote spiritual and cultural products of literature and arts in the campus.