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  • Ruopu CITY1000 Creative Projects

    he Ruopu CITY1000 Creative Projects are on-going programs run by the non-profit organization Ruopu Art Space. It is a public art initiative of social and humanistic concern. Local and international artists, designers and educators are invited as "shareholders" to share their viewpoints on each year’s academic theme, while 1000 kids and families are selected to engage in creative design classes or...【more】

  • Wuhan Design Biennale

    Focusing on the coalescence of technology and artistry, the Wuhan Design Biennale is a powerful platform for the world’s most prominent designers, as well as a window for showcasing how creative designs breathe new life in the old city of Wuhan....【more】

  • Wuhan Fashion Week 2018

    he Wuhan Fashion Week has been held for 6 times since 2012. Now it evolves its own IP (Intellectual Property), takes the lead on upgrading fashion industry in Wuhan, and becomes the marketing, business, exchange platform for brands and designers at home and abroad. By the establishment and promotion of local brands, the Wuhan Fashion Week aims to foster designers and enterprises in Wuhan and helps ...【more】

  • Great Rivers Forum

    Throughout the long history of humanity, rivers have always been recognized as the “cradles of human civilization”. Meandering through time and place, the great rivers also witness the evolution of human society. Today, large cities with growing population develop vibrantly along major rivers such as the Nile River, the Tigris-Euphrates Rivers, the Indus River, the Ganges River, the Changjiang ...【more】

  • Engineering Survey and Design Institute Directors Forum 2017

    Part of the 4 th Wuhan Design Biennale, the Engineering Exploration and Design Dean Forum 2017 was held in the afternoon of Nov.17 in the Wuhan Construction Building. Hosted by the Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Commission, the forum summarized the overall situation of development of the engineering exploration and design industry, and discussed the industrys future trend. The audience were pre...【more】

  • Wuhan Night held in Beijing Design Week

    Wuhan Night held in Beijing Design Week...【more】

  • Message from Ms Irina Bokova on the International Day for Universal Access to Information

    28 September 2017 In a globalizing world, access to information is vital to build more inclusive, sustainable knowledge societies. This is the message of the International Day for Universal Access to Information (IDUAI), focusing on the key role that access to information plays in taking forward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Access to information is a fundamental right. It allows wo...【more】

  • China's Dinosaur Egg Museum Blends the Ancient and Modern

    A new museum in China, exhibiting fossils of eggs laid 80 million years ago, is surprisingly contemporary for an institution protecting such ancient wonders....【more】