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  • Wuhan: Construct "Five Cultural Cities", Build a City of Culture

    Xinhua News Agency, Wuhan, March 2 (Correspondent Zhou Jialu) Wuhan Municipal Government has developed a plan on the construction of Five Cultural Cities in 5 years from now, in order to improve cultural taste and build a City of Culture. At the conference of Propaganda and Ideological Education Work of Wuhan Municipality held on March 02, Yuan Chengfa, Standing Member of Hubei Provincial Committe...【more】

  • 2016 Work Report of Wuhan Municipal Government

    At the 5th Session of the 13th Wuhan Peoples Congress Held on Jan 20, 2016 By Wan Yong, Mayor of Wuhan To all delegates, Now, please allow me to give 2016 Work Report on behalf of Wuhan Municipal Government, and review the report together with Outlines of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Wuhan Economic and Social Development (Draft), and opinions are invited from members of Wuhan Committee of Peoples P...【more】

  • Regulations of Wuhan Municipality on Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage

    Chapter 1 General Article 1 The Regulations are established in accordance with applicable laws and rules including Intangible Cultural Heritage Law of the Peoples Republic of China and Regulations of Hubei Province on Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage and in view of actual situation of Wuhan Municipality in order to inherit and promote excellent traditional culture of Chinese nation, and...【more】

  • The WeChat Official Account of Wuhan Planning Is Opened, and You Can Use a Mobile Phone to Query Plan

    Chutian Golden Newspaper (Reporter Huang Pengcheng, Correspondent Chen Qiuhong, and Trainee Yu Fan) Yesterday, the WeChat official account of Wuhan Planning Publicity was opened, and the citizens can use the pubic account to query planning projects and give feedback. Yesterday, the reporter followed the WeChat public account of Wuhan Planning Publicity, and noticed that this public account has thr...【more】

  • Wuhan Sets Up a Cultural Enterprise Credit Risk Pool Fund of CNY 400 Million to Benefit Small Enterpr

    The copyright can be pledged to a bank for financing. An enterprise can obtain an interest subsidy of a maximum of CNY 500,000 every year. Yesterday, in the signing ceremony of Wuhan Cultural Enterprise Credit Risk Pool Fund, Wuhan Municipal Cultural Industry Development Office, Bureau of Finance of Wuhan Municipality, and Bureau of Culture of Wuhan Municipality jointly issued Interim Procedures o...【more】

  • Wuhan’s New 30 Articles Provides that At Least CNY 200 Million of Cultural Industry Development Fun

    Wuhan plans to release New 30 Articles to accelerate the development of cultural industry. Yesterday, during the fourth meeting of Municipal Cultural and Technological Integration Leadership Team, Several Policies of Wuhan Cities on Accelerating the Development of Cultural Industry (Exposure Draft) was preliminarily released, and Mayor Wan Yong attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meet...【more】

  • Wuhan Industrial Design Development Fund Project

    In order to support the development of industrial design and facilitate industrial economic transformation and upgrade, this method is formulated according to the Opinion of Wuhan Municipal Peoples Government on Accelerating the Development of Industrial Design (WZG [2015] No. 6). The project mainly includes cultivating municipal industrial design centers, building industrial design gathering area...【more】

  • Report on the Work of the Government and Policies Relevant to the Development of Cultural and Creativ

    l Relevant statements in Report on the Work of the Government (2015) High-level smart cities shall be constructed as per high standards in order to improve the intelligentization of economic and social developments. The Overall Planning for Wuhan Smart Cities shall be deeply implemented. The national big-data strategy shall be implemented practically to develop the supercomputer center and enhance...【more】

  • Wuhan Modern Urban Cultural Infrastructure Overview

    Suggestions on Strengthening the City Through Culture By Building Quintuple Cultural City (2014) related contents Make Wuhan the city of book reading. Build and improve book service network system which centers on public book service network and is complemented by 24/7 self-service library, mobile library and social library. Build a book market in which Xinhua Bookstore serves as its main body and...【more】

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