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  • Cultural Industry of Wuhan City and the Development Situation of Industrial Parks

    I. Development Status and Challenges (I) Development Status 1. The overall strength of the industry is enhanced steadily. In 2014, the value added of the cultural industry of Wuhan City reached CNY 38.909 billion, an increase of 13.5% over the last year, accounting for 3.86% of the GDP of the whole city. The value added of cultural service industry, trade industry and manufacturing industry reache...【more】

  • Time Bookstore (the First Zero-clock Characteristic Bookstore in Wuhan) Is Opened

    Hu Wei, the Deputy Director of Hubei Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television, on behalf of Hubei National Reading Office, awards the Time Bookstore with the plaque of Hubei National Reading Activity Demonstration Base. Shang Yang From Jingchu Network (Reporter Wu Na) On April 30, the inauguration ceremony of Hubei National Reading Activity Demonstration Base and Changyang...【more】

  • Ruan Chengfa Holds Discussions with CPPCC Members, Replied To Their Suggestions, and Suggested that a

    Reporter Wen Tao Yesterday afternoon, Ruan Chengfa, a Member of the Standing Committee and the Secretary of Municipal Party Committee, held discussions with CPPCC members. 16 CPPCC members made statements successively and offered suggestions for the development of Wuhan City, and Ruan Chengfa replied to them one by one. Ruan Chengfa said that each member presented wise ideas and thoughts and showe...【more】

  • Home for Entrepreneurship Is Settled in Wuhan Municipal Women Innovation Center

    Bai Yu (Second from Left), representative of Entrepreneurship Tutor Team, and Zou Chunyan (Second from Right) unveils the nameplate of Home for Entrepreneurship. From Jingchu Network (Reporter Zhong Chen; Correspondent Liu Yunping and Xu Ji) On July 26, Wuhan Entrepreneurship Tutor Team entered Wuhan Municipal Women Innovation Center on the 36th tutor service day, and the women innovation session...【more】

  • Wuhan Luojia Creative Experiencing City

    Different from ordinary shopping malls, Luojia Creative Experiencing City is an exhibition center and experiencing center of various new commercial activities and new life and working styles. It is the incubator of new technologies and creativity, and provides creative products to be used in daily life. Luojia Creative Experiencing City is trying to build a core area integrating the following func...【more】

  • Han Embroidery Workshop of Wuhan Business University

    In 2013, College of Art of Wuhan Business University and Wuhan Han Embroidery Art Research Institute signed an agreement for running a school jointly. They cooperate and run the major of Han Embroidery Design, and 118 students have been enrolled. The Major of Han Embroidery Design is intended to promote Chinese traditional culture, inherit national intangible cultural heritages, and introduce nati...【more】

  • Huazhong Intelligent Valley (Large Wuhan Digital Culture Industry Cluster)

    Huazhong Intelligent Valley is the first ecological digital culture industry cluster in Central China. It is located at the junction of Third Ring Road and Fangcao Second Road in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development District, and covers an area of 246.6mu. The total building area is 328.8 thousand square meters, and the total investment is CNY 1.35 billion. The project is designed by PTW A...【more】

  • Wuhan Dongchuang Design Industrial Park

    Wuhan Dongchuang Research Development Design Creativity Park is located in the Oil Crops Research Institute of Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It is established based on the cooperation of Wuhan East Lake High-tech Innovation Center and the Oil Crops Research Institute, the investment support from the government, and the utilization of idle resources of the research institute. The park c...【more】

  • Jiangcheng First Cultural and Creative Park

    Jiangcheng First Cultural and Creative Park is located at No. 47, Gutian Fourth Road, Qiaokou District, Wuhan City. The park connects to Nanniwan Avenue to the north, Xiaojia Second Road to the south, Gutian Fourth Road to the east, and the planned Xiaojia First Road t the west. The project covers an area of more than 100 mu, the building area is about 71,000 square meters, and the usable area is...【more】

  • Wuhan New Software City

    Wuhan New Software City is located in Huashan New Ecological City, the demonstration area of resource-economical and environment-friendly society of Wuhan Metropolitan Area. It is close to Yanxi Lake, the son lake of East Lake, and covers an area of 3.4 square kilometers. It is jointly developed by Dalian Yida Group and Provincial United Investment Group, and the total investment exceeds CNY 10 bi...【more】