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2016 Work Report of Wuhan Municipal Government

Release time:2017-08-10 17:30

  ——At the 5th Session of the 13th Wuhan People's Congress Held on Jan 20, 2016

  By Wan Yong, Mayor of Wuhan

  To all delegates,

  Now, please allow me to give 2016 Work Report on behalf of Wuhan Municipal Government, and review the report together with Outlines of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Wuhan Economic and Social Development (Draft), and opinions are invited from members of Wuhan Committee of People's Political Consultative Conference and other attending delegates.

  I. Review of the year of 2015 and "12th Five-Year Plan" works

  In 2015, under powerful leadership of Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC, Hubei Provincial People's Government and Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC, we took initiatives to adapt to leading new economic normal, seized the opportunity, took positive action, overcame hardships, and advanced with courage, and made great achievement in the construction of national central city and revival of the greater Wuhan; in 2015, we realized steady growth amidst difficulties and challenges, we were in the leading row among similar cities in the nation in terms of major economic indicators, "1 trillion multiplication program" was initiated with good effect; in 2015, we accelerated innovation in power transformation, the national wave of construction of innovation-oriented city surged, innovation and entrepreneurship became common practice; in 2015, we tackled the problems arising from deepened reform, made breakthrough in key fields, release of institutional bonus was accelerated; in 2015, we improved quality from improvement of government function, made remarkable achievement in the construction of "year of greenway, year of road network, year of parking lots", leading to changing city image; in 2015, we improved people's livelihood from faster social and economic development, strengthened social construction in all aspects, and continuously increased people's well-being; for one year of hard work, achieved major objectives and tasks set at the 4th Session of the 13th Wuhan People's Congress, concluded the development goal of "the 12th Five-Year Plan" with great success, and made a solid basis for the beginning of "the 13th Five-Year Plan".

  In 2015, estimated regional GDP growth was about 8.8%; local general public budget revenue was 124.5 billion yuan, increased 12%; total investment in fixed assets increased more than 10%; total retail sale of consumer goods increased about 11.5%; urban per capita disposable income increased about 9%, and rural per capita disposable income increased about 10%.

  In the past year, we focused on government works in the following aspects:

  First, focus on service to enterprises, support projects, and do everything to ensure steady growth; we timely introduced "1+5" policy measures to support enterprise development; established systems for weekend scheduling of major industry and urban construction projects, monthly seminar with ten enterprises etc; organized themed activities such as "10000 cadres residing in enterprises, create quality service for steady growth", government and enterprises worked together to get over hard times.

  New situation of high-end superior projects "emerging at multiple points"; for projects with investment capital exceeding 5.0 billion yuan, 8 projects were started to construct, and 2 projects were put into production; for projects with investment capital of one to five billion yuan, 52 projects were started to construct, and 49 projects were put into production; 276.9 billion yuan industrial investment was achieved; Shanghai General Motors (Wuhan) Base achieved production in the same year of construction; Lenova Motorola project achieved mass production in the same year of construction; phase 1 construction of Linuo and Xinkang Chemicals industry park and YOFC technology park was completed and put into production; construction of CSOT, Tianma LTPS G6 line, BYD NEV and many other projects were accelerated; major service projects such as AEON MALL, IKEA LIVAT Centre etc were opened.

  Economic operation revealed "four strong" new highlights; strong growth of key industrial sectors, auto and parts industry and electronic information industry realized production value of 261.45 billion yuan and 178.02 billion yuan, respectively, increased 22.3% and 11.2%; strong growth of financial industry, balance of deposits and loans increased 16.1% and 18.4%, respectively; strong growth of real estate industry, 225,000 new houses were sold, including 22,838,000 m2 floor area, both ranked NO.2 among the cities of China, increased 25.1% and 27.1%, respectively; strong growth of emerging commercial formats, trading volume of e-commerce was up to 413.5 billion yuan, increased 33.5%.

  New situation of "two increases and two decreases" in industry restructuring; increased percentage of high-tech industry, 2.7% higher percentage to gross industrial output value of industrial enterprises above designated size, decreased percentage of heavy chemical industry, 3.2% lower percentage; increased industrial production, decreased unit energy consumption; industrial added value of industrial enterprises above designated size increased 8.5%, unit energy consumption decreased about 9.5%; structure of service industry continuously upgraded; "Internet +" industry innovation projects took the lead in rapid development, added 122 internet-based financial enterprises including Taikang Life Online Insurance; Changjiang Big Data Exchange (Under planning), Donghu Big Data Exchange Centre was established and in operation, internet-based enterprises, software and information service industries was booming; total amount of social logistics hit 2800.0 billion yuan; engineering design industry, tourism industry etc maintain tow-digit growth on a yearly basis.

  Second, focus on innovation-driven development and power transformation, boost construction of national innovation-oriented city. We studied and established policy supporting innovation "1+9" PROGRAM; 139 technical innovation platforms of various types including engineering technical centers, enterprise R&D centers etc were built; 23 research institutes of world top-500 enterprises, Chinese top-500 enterprises and multinationals, as well as 390 high-level innovation talents from home and abroad were introduced; 6003 invention patents were granted, increased 55%.

  Innovation of science and technology institutions and mechanisms. We took the lead in national innovation experiment of technical financial reform; carried forward use, disposal and proceeds management reform of technical achievements in pollution control; 5372 technical achievements were transferred and transformed by 10 pilot universities in Wuhan region; 70 NEEQ listed enterprises was added, total amount NEEQ listed enterprises reached 149 enterprises.

  Intensified development of innovation-driven economy. 5 special industry parks were included in "one zone multiple parks" pilot project of East Lake National Demonstration Zone for Independent Innovation; 1,160,000 m2 high-tech incubator was built; 14 national-level mass innovation spaces were identified; added 1822 startups in high-tech incubators, mass innovation spaces and campus entrepreneurship special zones; production value of high-tech industry was up to 770 billion yuan.

  Third, focus on upgrading of function, improvement of quality, coordinated promotion of urban construction. The concept of "quiet down the city" was established, by focusing on scientific urban construction; major traffic hub projects were accelerated; phase 3 construction of containers transfer terminal of Yangluo Port was put into operation; main works of #2 runway and aerodrome traffic centre of Tianhe Airport were completed, passenger throughput of the airport was 18,942,000 persons/times, ranked NO.1 in Central China; construction of optical valley railway station project was commenced; Wuhan was approved as a national demonstration city of integrated transportation service; broadband network was increased access speed with lower cost.

  Improvement of road network system. Metro line 3, the first intracity transit line traversing Han River, was opened for trial operation; metro liens were networked and accessible to three towns; whole 2nd ring was opened ; East Lake tunnel, No.6 bridge of Han River and China-France bridge were completed and opened; reconstruction of 3rd ring, Zhongnan Road, Zhongbei Road, No. 21 highway, Qingwang highway, Changfeng Avenue etc were completed; construction of urban rail transit line 5 and line 1 Jinghe extension section and Caidian line was commenced; new projects of Hanjiang Avenue, Qingshan Yangtze River Bridge, etc. were commenced; 130 branch roads were reconstructed; 160km slow traffic systems were constructed; 16,210 parking spaces were added.

  Action plans for drainage of water-logging, pollution control and water supply were implemented. 109km main drain pipes, 110km sewage pipe network and 30.5km water supply pipes were added; phase 1 reconstruction and expansion of wastewater treatment plants of Sanjintan, Tangxun Lake and Huangpu Road was completed; reconstruction and expansion projects of Yujiatou and Qinduankou waterworks were completed; Wuhan was approved as national pilot sponge city.

  Strengthening of environmental governance and ecological protection. Wuhan Garden Expo park was completed and opened, became a new urban ecological landmark; Jinkou refuse landfill ecological restoration project was given C40 City Award at United Nations Climate Change Conference; construction of East Lake Greenway project was launched; construction of Hankou circular greenway and Moshui Lake circular greenway was expedited; 233.7km greenway was added; 4th ring ecological forest belt was started construction; Zhanggongdi city forest park was completed and opened; 4333.5mu damaged mountains were restored; smart lake management system was online for trial operation; environmental governance was continuously strengthened in weak areas such as vegetable markets and rural-urban fringe zones; phase 2 construction of Changshankou waste incineration plant was completed; 97 buried garbage collection points was constructed; 117 public toilets were reconstructed and expanded.

  Four, focus on problem orientation and key aspects, fast and steady advancing of reform campaign. Streamline administration and institute decentralization were intensified; municipal power matters were reduced from 4516 to 1822; municipal administrative approval matters were reduced from 240 to 166, as a result, Wuhan has less administrative approval matters among cities in China; "3-in-1 certificate" registration system was comprehensively implemented for industry and commerce registration; Wuhan East Lake High-Tech Development Zone and Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone pioneered in "administrative approval version 3.0" reform, and realized "one stamp approval"; we adhered to administration according to law, enacted Regulations on Major Administrative Decision-making Procedures of Wuhan Municipal Government and series of supportive documents; we seriously studied and implemented new edition of Administrative Procedure Law of the People's Republic of China, established and implemented new regulations on chief executive pleading in court; 7 drafted local regulations were submitted to Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal People's Congress for review and approval; 9 government rules were established; all proposals of Wuhan Municipal People's Congress, delegates and Wuhan Committee of People's Political Consultative Conference were handled and settled.

  Acceleration of private economic development. Measures for implementation of admission of non-public enterprises to franchise field were established; initiatives were taken to facilitate urban construction PPP projects; with up to 283,000 private businesses, increased 20.9%.

  Further innovation in social governance. "1+10" reform measures were established in order to innovate social governance and strengthen grassroots construction; "happy community" building program was fulfilled for 100 old communities; owners committee was set up in 85% residential communities; Wuhan Social Credit System Construction Planning was compiled; sunshine petition, legal petition and responsible petition were facilitated.

  Five, focus on opening up and cooperation, widening of vision, and improvement of international level. 12 industrial project with investment capital exceeding 5.0 billion yuan and 10 industrial project with investment capital exceeding 3.0 billion yuan were introduced; 14 world top-500 enterprises were introduced; 7.34 billion USD foreign investment was actually utilized, increased 18.5%; 6 international direct routes, including Wuhan to Gold Coast of Australia, Wuhan to Rome of Italy etc, were opened; Wuhan became the first city in central China for 72-hour transit without visa; the volume of homeward cargo of China-Europe (Wuhan) freight trains ranked No.1 among Chinese cities; The 10th Annual China (Wuhan) International Garden Expo was opened amazingly; British Consulate-General Wuhan was opened; Hong Kong Economic and Trade Office in Wuhan was established.

  Active integration in the construction of Changjiang Economic Zone. Secretariat for cooperation of City Cluster in the Middle Reaches of the Yangtze River was established in Wuhan; "mass innovation and entrepreneurship" cooperation integration policy was established jointly by four provincial capitals, interregional medical insurance and medical treatment was realized timely settlement; counterpart aided construction and help were carried out pragmatically.

  Six, focus on overall urban-rural development and transformation demonstration, improve the quality of country and agricultural development. National modern agriculture demonstration area was established; 70,000mu greenhouse vegetable bases were upgraded; QR code tracking system of meat vegetables was promoted; comprehensive self-sufficiency rate of "vegetable basket" was more than 70%; production value of agricultural products processing industry was up to 251.0 billion yuan; there were 13,500 agricultural operation subjects in various types; new round of confirming registration and issuing certificate of rural land contractual management right were basically completed.

  Improvement of rural production and living conditions. 3506km rural irrigation and drainage ditches were renovated; rural drinking water safety construction project was facilitated, benefiting 225,000 rural population in 300 villages; passenger buses connected to all administrative villages of Wuhan; rural environmental was renovated; 35% administrative villages met standard of environmental health; targeted poverty alleviation was carried forward; 9362 farmers were relieved from poverty.

  Seven, focus on people-oriented governance for the good of the people, make great efforts to improve living standard of citizens. 93.9 billion yuan was expended by public finance in the field of people's livelihood of the whole city, increased 17.8%; additional 18,800 persons were employed; 50,200 rural labors were transferred employment; basic pension insurance system for urban and rural residents and land-expropriated farmers was improved; net number participating in social insurance 424,000 persons/times; 89,000 affordable houses were built.

  Strengthening of cultural construction. "Three 10,000,000 persons/times" cultural people-benefited project was implementation in an overall level; Jianghanguan Museum and new Wuhan museum of Science & Technology were completed and opened; nationwide fitness campaign was extensive; WTA Wuhan Open was organized successfully; international events such as WTA Wuhan Open, 2015 World Championships of Secondary School Students in Athletics and 2015 Asia Championships in Athletics were organized successfully; in addition, Wuhan was awarded as host city of 7th Military World Games.

  Intensified development of social undertakings. Various education undertakings were development harmoniously; reconstruction and expansion of 40 state-run kindergartens as well as standard construction of 99 state-run primary schools were completed; new achievements were made in collective development of vocational education and school-enterprise cooperation; pilot comprehensive reform of national public hospitals was launched; 707 general medical practitioner service teams were set up, 2,400,000 urban and rural residents were enjoyed contractual medical service; set ratio at birth continuously declined.

  Completion of public security system. Stereoscopic security control and prevention system was improved; in recent 12 years, criminal events were decreased on a year-on-year basis for the first time; "six-five" law dissemination was completed successfully; construction of city of food security was deeply developed; work safety was maintained stable situation.

  National security, national defense mobilization, civil-military integration, double support, civil defense, fire protection, arbitration, privacy, counseling and weather forecast progressed actively; literary history, archiving, nationality, religion, overseas Chinese affairs and local annals were strengthened; new achievements were made in the protection of women, children, elderly and disable people.

  Dear delegates, achievement of all objectives of government work in 2015 is the symbol of successful conclusion of "the 12th Five-Year Plan"; since the beginning of "the 12th Five-Year Plan", people of Wuhan dared to lead and pursued for excellence for the ambitious goals of construction of national central city and revival of the greater Wuhan, as well the 2049 outlook strategy of Wuhan, made great achievement in social and economic development, and composed a brilliant chapter deserve to the times!

  In these 5 years, economic aggregate realized historic breakthrough, hit 1 trillion threshold, and entered in the first array among cities in China; multiplication program of industries achieved remarkable performance; total industrial investment was up to 1053.7 billion yuan; four industrial blocks were come into being, they're big optical valley, big city of car, big port economic zone and big airport economic zone; the number of industry with 100.0 billion yuan output value increased from 1 to 5; major projects such as 800,000-ton ethylene, Shanghai General Motors (Wuhan) base, Lenova (Wuhan) base, No.2 Dongfeng Honda Factory, No.2 DPCA Factory etc were completed and put into production; "new made in Wuhan" is rising; modern service industry developed rapidly; advantageous industries of finance, logistics, trade, conference & exhibition, engineering design, tourism etc developed and expanded further; the number of 5A-rated scenic areas ranked No.1 among similar cities in China; emerging industries such as culture creative, soft & information, e-commerce etc were booming.

  In these 5 years, urban construction scale was unprecedented, city appearance experienced substantial change; metro lines, highway network, river-crossing tunnels and organic urban renewal and reconstruction led to gorgeous turn of the city; total investment in urban construction was 687.0 billion yuan, 2 times than that for the period of "the 11th Five-Year Plan"; metro network was developed from zero, 1 metro line was opened in each year for 4 consecutive years, operation mileage was up to 126km; highway road network in central city area was basically formed; Wuhan Avenue, Erqi Yangtze River Bridge and Yingwuzhou Yangtze River Bridge were completed and opened; construction of 4th ring was commenced; the position of Wuhan as comprehensive traffic hub was consolidated and enhanced; "Mi-shaped" high speed rail center is coming into being; construction of Wuhan shipping center in the middle reaches of Yangtze River was included in national strategy; Yangluo port was entered in the first array of world inland water container harbors; a lot of new city landmarks, such as Wuhan Citizens Home, the 1911 Revolution Museum, Optics Valley International Tennis Center, Wuhan International Expo Center, Chu River Han Street etc, were built; "urban management revolution" was strengthened, municipal environment was improved remarkably.

  In these 5 years, reform and innovation were piloted and experimented; Wuhan was approved as national comprehensive reform and innovation pilot area, its development rigor burst out one after another; reform was deepened; new round of government institutional reform was achieved successfully; list of power, list of responsibility and list of procedures were introduced; TV politics was introduced for iron-handed accountability of mediocre officials; "ten golden rules" were formulated to facilitate commercialization of research findings; scientific and technological achievements of universities and "three rights" reform were in the leading row in China; Wuhan was approved as national demonstration city of intellectual property protection; in addition, Wuhan was won 4 Special National Prize for Progress in Science and Technology and 6 First Prizes; it had 1529 high-tech enterprises, 1006 high-tech enterprises than in the end of "the 13th Five-Year Plan".

  In these 5 years, international corridor was formed at faster speed, international level improved remarkably, city influence enhanced continuously; 30 international and regional flight courses were added, amount to 37 routes; Tianhe Airport became an international airport with most international routes and international and domestic passengers throughput in central China; offshore routes to ASEAN, Japan and South Korea were opened; China-Europe (Wuhan) freight trains were opened and realized two-way normal operation; 230 world top-500 enterprises invested and settled in Wuhan; 26.99 billion USD foreign investment was actually utilized; total volume of foreign trade was 118.8 billion USD, respectively 2 times and 1.93 times to those in the period of "the 11th Five-Year Plan".

  In these 5 years, people's livelihood social undertaking progressed notably, urban civilization construction reached to a new height, Wuhan was won the honorable title of national civilized city; it became of "city of kind people" of national reputation, with 11 national moral models, ranked No.1 among similar cities in China; people's well-being improved continuously; social insurance was increased coverage of 4,200,000 beneficiaries; construction scale of affordable housing, the level of balanced education development, total medical resources and service capacity were in the leading row in China; Wuhan was established as national demonstration city of minorities services and management; Wuhan was awarded "Chang’an Cup" for national comprehensive administration of social security, and named national sanitary city.

  Dear delegates, Wuhan, Different Every Day! This is the city where we share happy life, it's full of vigor and thriving. The achievements of Wuhan Municipal Government in the past 5 years are the outcome of proper guidance and care of Central Committee of CPCP and the State Council, powerful leadership and support of Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC and Hubei Provincial People's Government, scientific planning and overall arrangement of Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC, intelligence and wisdom and diligence of Wuhan people, and solid foundation built by Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC and Wuhan Municipal Government. Here, please allow me, on behalf of Wuhan Municipal Government, to express best regards and sincere thanks to people of nationalities, NPC delegates and PPCC members supporting our government work, all democratic parties, massive organizations and people from all circles, resident organizations of the central government in Wuhan, military troops and armed police garrisoned in Wuhan, experts and scholars providing intellectual support to construction and development of Wuhan, all workers participating in urban construction of Wuhan, compatriots from Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, overseas Chinese and international friends caring for and supporting construction and development of Wuhan!

  Though making a lot of achievements, we're also aware of many imperfections and weaknesses in urban development and government work in Wuhan: incomplete innovation chain, innovation ecosystem to be optimized; gross industrial output is not big, it's too slow to facilitate optimization and upgrading of traditional industries, as well as development and expansion of strategic emerging industries; at the time of massive urbanization, prominent problem of "city disease" is not solved in step; traffic congestion is prominent, construction of urban drainage system lags behind urban development; "urban sprawl" phenomenon is not restrained thoroughly; city management is not intensive, but extensive and even lack of management in some aspects; the days of clean air is in small number, smog weather happens now and then; the task for protection of water body and improvement of water quality is formidable; measures for protection of wetland, mountains and like ecosystem need to be strengthened; income level of rural and urban residents is not tallied with urban economic development ranking; some government staffs are lack of the spirit of active conduct and shouldering of responsibility. We'll face these conflicts, settle these problems and overcome shortcomings, to allow all people of Wuhan fell tangible change and efficiency in our government work!

  II. Basic thoughts and key tasks for social and economic development in the period of "the 13th Five-Year Plan"

  In the period of "the 13th Five-Year Plan", it's a decisive stage for Wuhan taking the lead in overall construction of a well-off society, a key stage for Wuhan realizing "1 trillion multiplication" economic aggregate and construction of national central city, and a gold period of opportunity for Wuhan to superpose multiple national strategies; according to the Recommendations of Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC on the 13th Five-Year Plan for Wuhan Economic and Social Development Planning, Outlines of the 13th Five-Year Plan for Wuhan Economic and Social Development (Draft) was compiled by Wuhan Municipal Government.

  In the period of "the 13th Five-Year Plan", general thoughts and development goals of economic and social development in Wuhan are: hold high the great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, thoroughly implement the spirit of keynote speeches of Secretary General Xi Jinping, establish firm concepts of innovation, coordination, green, opening up, shared development, adhere to "four comprehensive" strategic layout, adhere to "development is top priority", adhere to working guidelines of "competition for higher quality, upgrading for higher efficiency, quality foremost, balanced quantity and quality", take initiative to adapt to and lead new normal, comprehensively promote economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization construction, systematically facilitate national innovation reform experiment, accelerate the construction of industry innovation center of global influence, spare no efforts to build "upgrade versions" of economy, city and people's livelihood, take the lead to construct a well-off society, consolidate the position in the first array of comprehensive economic strength among cities in China, strive to enter in the tier 1 city, and make a solid basis for construction of national central city and revival of the greater Wuhan.

  To this end, we need to practice "five concepts", and realize "five improvements".

  (I) Adhere to innovation-driven development, accelerate transformation and upgrading, realize synchronous substantial improvement of economic scale and quality

  Innovation guides to the future, development rests in innovation. We need to accelerate construction of innovation-oriented city, cultivate and develop new kinetic energy, build new system of industries, and construct upgraded version of Wuhan economy; by the year of 2020, regional GDP of Wuhan will reach 1.9 trillion yuan.

  Systematic promotion of comprehensive innovation reform experiment, construction of national innovation centre. We need to implement innovation capacity multiplication program, build industrial innovation ecosystem with information technology, life health and intelligent manufacturing as three core fields, enterprises as the main body, and integrating "industry chain, innovation chain, talents chain, capital chain and policy chain" as one; we need to implement "city partner" program, set up a community of common destiny and joint effort with innovative and entrepreneurial talents, to build a free port of international talents; we need to implement "innovation valley" program, establish and develop innovation parks such as Wuhan Future high-tech city, Raycom wisdom valley, Daijiashan high-tech venture park etc, to let mass innovation and entrepreneurship spaces distributed around the city, and stir the waves of innovation and entrepreneurship by everyone and in everywhere; by 2020, capacity of gathering global innovative elements will be enhanced substantially, East Lake National Demonstration Zone for Independent Innovation will basically become a world first-rate science park, and Wuhan will become a national-level innovation-oriented city.

  Implementation of Outline on Made in Wuhan 2025 Action, construction of national advanced manufacturing centre. We need to implement intelligent manufacturing project, drive transformation from production oriented manufacturing to production service oriented manufacturing, and construct innovative manufacturing system; we need to implement multiplication program of strategic emerging industries, construct national memory base, NEV industry base and new space technology industry base, develop new generation of display technology, and strategic emerging industries of biological pharmacy, high-grade CNC machine tool etc; drive middle to high end upgrading of existing pillar industries like automobile, petrochemical, food, household appliance etc; cultivate and develop future industries such as artificial intelligence, unmanned aerial vehicles, 3D printing, RGO materials, hydrogen energy etc, and build an industrial system for perfect connection and continual upgrading and iteration of "traditional pillar industries-strategic emerging industries-future industries"; Wuhan Economic & Technological Development Zone will be constructed as a national first-rate intelligent manufacturing demonstration area; Wuhan Airport Economic & Technological Development Zone will be constructed as airport manufacturing cluster; by 2020; production value of high-tech industries will reach 1.65 trillion yuan.

  Implementation of multiplication program of modern service industry, construction of national trade and logistics center. We need to drive extension of producer services to specialization and high-end value chain, and upgrading of living service industry to refinement and high quality; we need to encourage transformation and upgrading of traditional commerce, support health development of new commercial formats like O2O, B2C, C2B etc; we need to focus on scientific positioning, priority of headquarters and promotion of functions, accelerate construction of modern service industrial cluster such as Wuhan central cultural district, Wuhan central business district, Hanzheng Street central service district, Wuhan international expo exhibition area, Hankou waterfront business district, Qingshan riverside business district, Yangchunhu HSR business district etc; we need to work hard to construct national logistics terminal, trade centre, central China financial centre and national-level expo centre, boost the construction of national-level tourism reform innovation pilot area, and build national tourism recreation demonstration city and world city of design.

  Playing big role of market and government, building new development system. We need to strengthen supply-side structural reform, improve total factor productivity, stimulate the vigor of various main market players, expedite the development of high-tech SMEs and innovation-oriented private economy, deepen reform of state-owned enterprises, develop mixed ownership economy, build law-based and service-oriented government, "delegate power, streamline administration and optimize government services", put an end to all forms of "weird certificate" from the source, and establish interim and posterior supervision mechanism after abolishment and delegation of administrative power matters, promote "administrative approval version 3.0" reform, push forward the establishment of district integrated administrative approval organization, to transform from "multiple management" to "single management".

  Construction of smart city according to high standard and high level, improvement of intelligent level of social and economic development. We need to thoroughly implement General Planning of Wuhan Smart City, implement national big data strategy, build supercomputer centre, enhance urban service functions such as big data, cloud computing etc, implement demonstration project of "Internet +" and Internet of things application, establish public government service system centered on citizens and enterprises, and provide offline and online intelligent and platform services.

  (II) Adhere to coordinated development, strengthen overall planning, realize substantial improvement of overall development level

  Coordination is an intrinsic requirement for sustainable and healthy development. We need to improve coordinated and systematic urban planning and construction management, make overall planning on aboveground and underground utilities, united development of old city, new district, urban and rural areas, and enhance overall city development level.

  Strengthening interconnected city planning, construction and management, realizing harmony and unity of spatial planning, industrial layout and city function. A city should be good-looking and graceful. We need to pursue perfection, emphasize detail, highlight quality, and create classic.

  Deepening system planning of "1+6" urban spatial pattern. We need to facilitate functional complementation and positive interaction of main city zone, new city zone and development zone (Function zone); main city zone should be strictly controlled within the 3rd ring; we should maintain balanced development of "three towns and three cities", fully fulfill the task of village-in-city reconstruction; new city zone should follow the principles of planning ahead, construction in sequence, priority in ecosystem, integration of industry and city, accelerate formation of modern new eco-city of moderate scale, jobs-housing balance and distinct features; urban development boundary should be demarcated comprehensively; in addition, space should be reserved in planned construction area, to save space for future development of the city.

  Consolidating and enhancing the position of national comprehensive transportation hub. We need to aim at "350km/h" HSR, drive the construction of Wuhan-Xi'an high speed railway, planning and construction of HSR along the river, Wuhan-Fuzhou HSR and Wuhan-Hangzhou, and apply for Wuhan-Qingdao HSR and Wuhan-Guiyang HSR to be included in national medium-term and long-term planning on HSR, to form a "Mi-shaped" HSR network, and build a national HSR hub; we need to construct optical valley railway station, launch the construction of new Hanyang railway station as early as possible, plan on the construction of HSR airport station; we need to aim at "645" shipping capacity, take an active part in driving Changjiang deep-water channel harnessing project, basically build shipping centre in middle reaches of Yangtze River; by 2020, annual port capacity of containers will reach 500 TEU, and well-established multimodal transport and collecting and distributing system; we need to build key portal airline hub, annual handing capacity of passengers at Tianhe Airport will reach 45,000,000 persons/times, we need to plan site selection of the No.2 airport; total mileage of expressways will reach 790km.

  Implementation of "smooth traffic project". We need to build 13 urban rail transit lines, open 2 metro lines in each year, realize "main city zone networking, new city zone connection"; by 2020, total mileage of rail transit lines will reach 400km, to build a "metro city" of advanced level in the world; we need to build radiating, circulating and interconnecting urban expressway network system, densify as appropriate, planning and construction of fast channel connecting 2nd ring and 3rd ring, crossing the rivers and lakes, build 30min smooth traffic circle within 2nd ring, build 4th ring, and promote eastern surrounding outer ring, build a municipal fast traffic circle; we need to build a demonstration city of "bus metropolis".

  Construction of centurial municipal facilities. We need to take measures such as "infiltration, collection, storage, cleaning, use and drainage" etc, thoroughly promote the construction of sponge city; we need to cope with extreme weather, improve water-logging drainage capacity, expedite solution of inner city water-logging; we need to promote rainwater and sewage separation, improve 100% rainwater collection and treatment system; we need to make scientific planning and construction of integrated underground pipeline corridor according to different features of old and new city zones; we need to strengthen energy supply support, planning and implementation of "EHV supply outskirt, UHV supply downtown" project; we need to generally plan and optimize the construction of various types of fuel gas facilities such as pipeline gas, LNG, CNG etc, accelerate the construction of NEV charging stations; we need to take the time to rectify the weaknesses in digestion of construction waste, integrated kitchen waste treatment, standard management of hazardous solid waste, and so on; we need to push upgrading of city management, and improve precision, standard and modern management level.

  Driving coordinated urban-rural development, improving rural agricultural development level. We need to highlight the features of modern urban agriculture, take the lead to transform agricultural development model, and realize agricultural modernization; we need to construct national modern agriculture demonstration zone, accelerate national new urbanization pilot project, expedite people-centered new urbanization, build modern urban system of clear city central zone, central town as the support, and flourishing ecological towns and new-type communities; we need to take full operation to get rid of poverty, follow the general requirements of "targeted poverty alleviation, not one not cared for", take measures such as "five batches", to ensure relieving all existing poverty-stricken objects by 2018.

  Deepening the construction of "five cultural cities", enhancing cultural soft strength of the city. We need to build consensus and gather power with socialist core values, and build a shared spiritual home for all urban citizens; we need to implement civilized city promotion project, enhance city confidence of Wuhan, strengthen sense of identity, increase sense of gain, and share sense of honor.

  Building national first-rate cultural function zone. We need to construct Qintai central culture & art centre, accelerate protection and reconstruction of historical streets on Qingdao road, and form spatial structure of cultural function, with Qintai-Guishan north area as the core, and heritage city of Wuchang-East Lake and Sha Lake encircling area and Hankou bund-Zhanggongdi garden expo park as two zones.

  Enhancing cultural soft strength of the city. We need to highlight the charm of historic culture such as mutual understanding culture, Panlong relics culture, Mulan tourism culture, Shouyi revolutionary culture etc; we need to widen international influence of cultural image such as Qintai music festival etc; we need to implement major cultural activities and sports events cultivating projects, properly organize major international events like the 7th Military World Games, and construct a capital of culture, sports and recreation; we need to orient to different groups, meet different requirements, revitalize Han style of traditional culture, foster the force of fashion culture in Wuhan, and construct national key cultural industry base.

  Widening the influence of the city. We need to construct international exchange platform, support integrative development of traditional media and new media; we need to carry out "global marketing", tell the stories of Wuhan, build the image of Wuhan, communicate the voice of Wuhan, improve its city awareness and reputation, to make Wuhan a world metropolis and desirable city!

  (III) Adhere to green development, construct beautiful Wuhan, realize substantial improvement of environmental quality

  "All things live in harmony, and grow with nourishments." We need to put ecological civilization construction to more prominent strategic position, generally plan production, living and ecology, push forward green enriching the market and green benefiting the people, and protect the blue sky, clear water and clean soil of Wuhan.

  Optimizing urban ecological structure. We need to comprehensively demarcate basic boundary for ecological protection; we need to use urban development land efficiently and intensively, and strictly protect ecological bottom line areas; we need to strengthen ecological function and improve green landscape of 1st ring, 2nd ring, 3rd ring, outer ring, "six wedges" and radiating roads based on different characteristics; we need to concurrently construct ecological forest belts along four rings, to form multilevel urban ecological structure of "two axis, five rings, six wedges, multiple corridors, blue-green intertwined city".

  Boosting energy conservation, low carbon and cyclic development. Resources are limited, cycle is unlimited, we'll implement cyclic development guiding program, strengthen national-level circular economic park pilot project and promotion of experience in Qingshan District etc, accelerate cyclic reconstruction of industry park, and build cyclic service industry system; we need to deepen low-carbon city pilot project, drive energy-saving and carbon control of key industries like steelmaking, chemicals, power etc, develop low-carbon transportation, promote green building, and fulfill our commitment to carbon emission.

  Strengthening environmental protection. We need to advocate natural beauty, and integrate beautiful landscapes into the city; we need to develop and implement "embrace blue sky" and "embrace green mountains and clear water" action plan; we need to implement city blue network project, accelerate the construction of ecological water network of big East Lake, Jinyin Lake etc, realize 100% wastewater interception from lakes in central city zone and new city zone, and complete the construction of lake parks in 3rd ring; we need to optimize and improve bund environment along "two rivers and four banks", and build 100-li waterfront art gallery; we need to implement city green network project, build 1300km greenway system, develop and implement protection plan of 446 mountains in the city, and realize "eyeful green city, blooming three towns"; we need to take measures of "eight prohibitions" and "promotion, optimization, transformation, upgrading", to improve atmospheric environment, realize year-on-year increasing number of days of fine weather, year-on-year decreasing number of days of air-polluted weather, basically eliminate heavily polluted weather due to endogenous cause, and build national model city for environmental protection.

  Dear delegates! Green is the mother of life, ecosystem is the foundation of all industries; we should protect the environment like protecting our eyes, and cherish green like cherishing our life, to show "Beautiful" clear water and blue sky of Wuhan.

  (IV) Adhere to opening up and development, extend mutual beneficial cooperation, realize substantial improvement of international level

  Opening up is the only road to prosperity and development. We need to explore new path and new model of opening up inland city, build new structure and new advantage for all-round opening up, to make Wuhan an inland highland of opening up oriented to the world.

  Actively interfacing national strategy, building multilevel opening up structure. We need to actively integrate in "one belt, one road" project, construct central collecting and distributing centre of China-Europe freight trains, extend offshore routes from Wuhan to coastal waters of china, Northeast Asia, South Asia etc; we need to take an active part in the construction of Yangtze River Economic Zone, further strengthen its role of central city in the city cluster in the middle reaches of Yangtze River; we need to build Wuhan as an all important hub city connecting "one belt, one road" and Yangtze River Economic Zone.

  Accelerating the development of open economy, improving economic extroversion. We need to drive optimization and upgrading of foreign trade, foreign capital and foreign investment, construct foreign capital dense area in inland city and regional international trade centre; by 2020; double total volume of foreign trade will be realized than in 2015, with more than 300 world top-500 enterprises settling in Wuhan.

  Improving open functional environment, building international-oriented service centre in central China. We need to implement port function improvement project, actively apply for establishment of Hubei (Wuhan) inland free trade zone; we need to construct China-France ecological demonstration city of Wuhan, expand international corridor, connect five continents via international direct flights; we need to accelerate the construction of foreign consulates area, and invite as much countries to set up consulates and offices; we need to practice international standards, rules and identifications, optimize international environment, organize various international expositions and conferences, construct international hospital, and add international schools and international communities.

  (V) Adhere to Shared development, increase social well-being, realize substantial improvement of sense of gain and happiness of urban citizens

  People's desire is government's goal. We need to maintain people-centered policy, build the sense of achievement in government work on the basis of sense of gain of urban citizens, promote upgrading people's livelihood guarantee and improving social governance level, and accelerate the construction of happy Wuhan.

  Implementing people's livelihood bottoming plan. We need to work out more positive employment policy, establish mass-oriented startup service platform, add more than 900,000 jobs and more than 100,000 entrepreneurs in the city in 5 years; we need to realize full coverage of endowment insurance, supplement medical insurance, and establish more impartial and sustainable social security system; we need to innovate accumulation fund management system, support construction of affordable housing and consumer demand for diversified housing, improve supply system of affordable housing, realize housing of low income and poor families to be ensured as possible, and create condition to help new citizens realize "resident owns home".

  Implementing public service supply innovation plan. We need to play full role of the market, innovate public service supply model, continuously meet multilevel, inclusive and personalized service requirements; we need to construct famous modern education city, increase average years of education of incoming labor force to 14.6 years, take the lead in realizing modernization of education; we need to promote construction of healthy city, support preparation for the construction of proton/heavy ion radiotherapy centre, become top-3 national city in terms of total health resources in Wuhan region, enter in the leading row of China by the indicators such as high-end medical talents, medical technical innovation, residents' health level etc, and build national medical and health service centre; we need to explore medical care-pension integration and smart senior care model of Wuhan characteristics; we need to improve population development strategy, and promote balanced population development.

  Implementing social governance ability improvement plan. We need to improve social governance system under the leadership of party committee, guidance of the government, social coordination, public participation and legal guarantee, and build social governance structure collectively constructed and shared by the public; we need to deepen and expand network-based management, drive streets (villages and towns) to become grassroots center of discovering and solving problems, and improve governance system of communities (villages); we need to focus on "thinking before bourgeon , concern before happen", improve public security prevention and control system, deepen the construction of "peaceful Wuhan"; we need to ensure food and drug safety, build disaster prevention and mitigation system for modern megacity, and strive to construct the safest city.

  Dear delegate! "What is past is prologue". The development Wuhan continues, today's hard work will bestow tomorrow's glory. When the ship of history sails into 2020, our city will become a city of strength with high-end industries and booming economy, a city of innovation full of vigor and leading the future, an open city connecting five continents and integrating into the world, a city of quality with advanced culture and livable environment, a city of happiness with shared achievements and public well-being, and take the lead toward the objective of the second century. "The doer of deeds can obtain the achievements, the action taker can reach to the goals". We believe that, Wuhan will do better tomorrow!

  III. Suggestions on 2016 government work

  A thousand-li journey begins with the first step. This year is the first year of "the 13th Five-Year Plan", a new beginning calls for new atmosphere, and a new step calls for new deed.

  In this year, main expected objectives of social and economic development of Wuhan are: regional GDP to increase 9%; regional general public budget revenue to increase 10%; total investment in fixed assets to increase 12%; total retail sales of consumer goods to increase 12%; income increase of urban and rural residents to synchronize economic growth; fulfill provincial energy-saving and emission reduction tasks.

  We'll focus on government work in the following aspects:

  (I) Accelerate the construction of national innovation-oriented city, make new breakthrough in clustering innovation elements and improving innovation capacity

  We'll launch comprehensive innovation reform experiment, promote "general planning of five chains", tackle innovation bottleneck, optimize innovation ecosystem, and form series of reproducible and promotable experiences.

  Improving innovation mechanism with enterprises as main subjects. We'll develop and implement action plan for full coverage of R&D institutions of large and medium-size enterprises, and promote construction of universal R&D centre by high-tech enterprises; we'll introduce R&D institutions of 30 world top-500 and China's top-500 enterprises and multinationals; we'll improve policy system encouraging innovation, establish method for identifying innovative products, increase the procurement percentage of innovative products and government service from small and medium-sized scientific and technical enterprises; we'll deliver in-depth service to promote technical financial reform and innovation pilot project, and set up angel investment FoFs.

  Comprehensively accelerating the construction of innovation park. According to the requirements for reconstruction of "three olds" and construction of industry parks, we'll develop spatial layout planning of innovation park, establish land planning policy, talents incentive policy, angel investment policy etc, introduce many large enterprises capable of and experienced in investment, construction, management and operation of innovation park, found series of innovative incubators like wisdom valley space, creator space etc, and construct many innovation parks; we'll accelerate the construction of "city of universities", build mass innovation and entrepreneurship circle around universities and big East Lake creators circle, and accelerate the construction of Hankou new science & technology town.

  Fostering and introducing high-end innovative talents. We'll actively implement "city partner" program, promote the implementation of "three ten-rules" policy, establish information library of global industrial leading talents, introduce not less than 2 top industrial leading talents and 200 high-level business management talents; we'll implement cradle project, accelerate the construction of various types of youth startup apartments and startup communities; we'll explore the construction of overseas talents offshore startup base.

  (II) Accelerate industry transformation and upgrading, make new breakthrough in building modern industrial system

  We'll take the time to enlarge the increment, accelerate strategic emerging industries to become pillar industries, and accelerate planning and layout of future industries; we'll continuously optimize the stock, and accelerate transformation and upgrading of traditional manufacturing and service industry.

  Improving industrial restructuring of during steady growth. We'll accelerate the construction of 100 major industrial projects, commence and put into production 2 projects with investment exceeding 5.0 billion yuan, and introduce 5 projects with investment exceeding 5.0 billion yuan, commence and put into production 10 projects with investment exceeding 1.0-3.0 billion yuan, respectively; we'll improve supporting functions of industry parks, pilot construction of smart park, implement "four projects" and "enterprise cloud" plans, pilot the construction of smart factories, digital workshops and big data cloud computing service platform in traditional industrial fields; we'll work out leading enterprises plan, select and support leading enterprises according to segmentation fields of strategic emerging industries and key fields of existing pillar industries; we'll implement "small titan" plan, draw growing road map, building national competitive quality demonstration city, and realize 10% added value of industries above designated size.

  Developing new advantage of strategic emerging industries. We'll focus on key points, gather resources and collect policies, to develop and enlarge the scale of emerging industries of information technology, life health , intelligent manufacturing etc; we'll apply for national support of integrated circuit development funds, and accelerate the construction of national memory base; we'll accelerate the construction of CSOT LTPS G6 line "highlight" project, Tianma display panel new project, Lenova Motorola global industry park and Haier innovation industry park; we'll accelerate the construction of some international brands and NEV projects such as BYD, Yangtze, King long Motor etc; we'll accelerate the commencement of projects such as new space technology industry base, GREE intelligent equipment industry park etc; we'll actively introduce leading enterprises in emerging industries, enlarge the scale of development funds of strategic emerging industries, increase 15% production value of high-tech enterprises, and add 200 high-tech enterprises.

  Accelerating the development of modern service industry. We'll implement by levels and optimize by classes policy on headquarters economy, widely attract large enterprises and large groups from home and abroad to establish enterprise headquarters, R&D centre and financial centre in Wuhan; introduce 8 financial institutions, add 1 regional corporate financial institution, promote 10 enterprises for listing in home and overseas markets; we'll encourage standardization of civil financial development, to prevent and resolve financial risk; we'll expand engineering design industry, apply for world city of design; we'll develop urban distribution logistics, apply for national multimodal transport demonstration project, improve supporting facilities for Wuhan International Expo Center and Wuhan International Exhibition Center etc, foster and introduce famous exhibition brands; we'll launch and implement 3-year action plan of upgrading tourism functions along "two rivers and four banks", accelerate the construction of projects such as Jianghan ancestor worship cultural tourism attraction etc, and the construction of "Wuhan·China Treasure Valley"; we'll accelerate upgrading of traditional trade and commerce, support e-business application of traditional businesses, develop new formats such as vertical e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce etc, and foster new bulk commodity and electronic trade markets.

  Thoroughly implementing "Internet +" industry innovation project. We'll accelerate the construction of "Cloud Wuhan" series of projects, promote "smart city" demonstration project, drive integrative development of mobile internet, cloud computing, big data, internet of things and manufacturing and service industries, foster and enlarge new formats like industrial Internet, Internet-based finance etc.

  (III) Follow the laws of urban development, maintain construction momentum, maker new breakthrough in enhancing comprehensive city function and improving city quality

  We'll apply post-modern concept to drive the transformation of urban planning from guided construction to standardized construction and ecological protection; and transformation of urban construction form creating functions to enhancing functions and improving quality, and transformation of urban management from tradition leading to shared social governance and wisdom and modernity.

  Strengthening legal role of planning. We'll accelerate the development of new round of city general planning, land use general planning, comprehensive traffic planning and main functional area planning; we'll take the time to develop regional ecological protection planning, resolve to demarcate ecological boundary of the whole city, develop regional urban system planning, resolve to demarcate development boundary of all cities and towns; we'll accelerate detailed planning on full coverage of main city controlling, resolve to lock expansion boundary in the construction of main city; we'll develop protection planning on historical and cultural relics in the whole city, and resolve to demarcate protection boundary of historical and cultural relics.

  Promoting the construction of major railway, water carriage, road transport and air transport projects. We'll edit and review the new round of General Planning of Wuhan Railway Terminals, promote a package of major projects to be included in national railway development planning for "the 13th Five-Year Plan" and mid-and-long term development planning of comprehensive transportation network; we'll support opening and operation of Wuhan-Xiaogan intercity railway, construct phase 3 of Tianhe Airport, relying on the airport to accelerate the construction of "air, railway and road" transportation terminals, realize full-length connection of Wuhan section of Wuhan-Shenzhen expressway; we'll accelerate the construction of through transport of railway and water carriage at Yangluo containers port, phase 2 of Huashan terminal and Hanhan port projects, improve collecting and distributing functions of Wuhan new port; We'll rely on the harbor to accelerate the construction of "water, railway and road" transportation terminals, and realize major breakthrough in the construction of shipping centre in the middle reach of Yangtze River.

  Improving municipal rapid transit system. We'll complete phase 1 of metro line 1 and airport transit line, realize intercity railway, metro and aviation seamless connection and fast transfer; we'll commence the construction of phase 2 of metro line 8, Wuchang section of metro line 11, accelerate the construction of 13 metro lines at the same time, develop and apply for the fourth round of rail transit construction planning; we'll improve trunk road network in three towns, complete west section of 4th circle project etc, and complete aboveground section of Xiongchu Avenue and Dongfeng Avenue, reconstruction of Zhongshan Avenue etc; we'll accelerate the construction of Yangsigang Yangtze River bridge, Zhuankou Yangtze River bridge, Qingshan Yangtze River bridge, Yuehu bridge (expansion), Hanjiang Avenue, south section and north section of 4th ring projects etc.

  Optimizing urban and rural environment. We'll improve greening level of primary and secondary trunk roads in the city and 44 interchange ramps within 3rd ring, build East Lake greenway, accelerate the construction of Hankou surrounding greenway; we'll commence the construction of Dongfeng Avenue greenway and Jiuzhenshan greenway, build 300km greenway, launch ecological green wedge project of Fu River, afforest 26,300mu green land, develop and implement water ecological civilization construction panning; we'll accelerate the control of rivers including Maying River and Sha River, and key lakes including Longyang Lake, Moshui Lake, Nan Lake and Tangxun lake, maintain steady water quality and gradually improve water quality of all lakes, reconstruct and expand 15 waterfront, lake-encircling and riverside recreation parks, complete reconstruction and expansion of Hanxi, Nantaizihu and Huangjiahu wastewater treatment plants etc, and build 100km sewage pipe network.

  Deepening "urban management revolution". We'll focus on fine, standard and normal urban management, lower down the center of urban management law enforcement, improve mechanical operation level of environmental sanitation, carry out special rectifications including outdoor advertising, store placard, sign board, "urban furniture", rural-urban fringe zone etc; we'll strengthen rectification of illegal building in residential community, and control of illegal building surrounding key construction project; we'll control construction site with spoil output and waste soil transport vehicle from the source, develop and establish general planning on spoil ground construction and recycling, strengthen civilized construction management of urban construction project, and improve the service level of utilities such as water supply, gas supply, power supply etc.

  (IV) Deepen reform, expand opening up, make new breakthrough in enhancing urban development momentum and vigor

  We'll introduced series of major reform measures in important fields and key aspects, meanwhile, we'll drive reform, innovation and development from opening up.

  Focusing on in-depth supply-side structural reform. We'll support technological transformation and equipment upgrading of enterprises, take special action for cost reduction and increasing efficiency, make every endeavor to reduce business cost in the aspects of institution, labor, taxes, social insurance, finance, power, logistics etc, efficiently relieve lasting downturn of PPI; we'll reduce the number of projects, lower the threshold of standards, strictly implement the list of charge-related enterprises, without charging the enterprises other than those indicated in the list; we'll actively and reliably promote merger and restructuring of "zombie enterprises", further study financial, banking, land and other related policy measures, to facilitate healthy and fast growth of real estate industry.

  Deepening reform of administrative system. We'll explore establishment of district integrated administrative approval institution, implement financial special fund management reform, innovate special fund establishment, use and management modes; we'll sort out and standardize administrative approval intermediary service, drive separation of management and maintenance of public institution, implement government car reform plan, and establish endowment insurance system of government organs and public institutions.

  Motivating the vigor of various main market players. We'll establish and implement measures for reform of state owned enterprises, accelerate overall listing of Wuhan Water Group Co., Ltd and listing of Hubei Highway Passenger Transportation Group Co., Ltd; we'll introduce negative list of civil capital investment; in public service field, we'll introduce new projects for public bid invitation of civil capital, take initiative to drive PPP construction model, and expand investment and financing channels.

  Accelerating the development of open economy. We'll innovate investment promotion mode, make more effort of introduction, realize 20% increase in total amount of investment promotion, 16% increase in actual use of foreign capital; we'll apply for cross-border e-commerce pilot project, apply for pilot city of national service and trade innovative development, realize 10% increase in gross foreign export value; we'll guide enterprises to undertake "one belt, one road" construction projects, support enterprises to build Wuhan industry park abroad, and engage in global production capacity cooperation.

  Enhancing city open functions. We'll open 3 international and regional air routes, develop international all-cargo carrier routes, extend China-Europe (Wuhan) freight trains to France, improve offshore and near-sea airline network, strengthen the function of central west region as "marine outfall"; we'll apply for early approval of establishing Wuhan Xingang airport comprehensive bonded zone, Hubei (Wuhan) inland free trade zone and Wuhan Changjiang new area; we'll arrange setup of Russian Consulate-General Wuhan and establishment and visa of American Consulate-General Wuhan; we'll increase 10 international sister cities and international communication cities; we'll actively integrate the development of Yangtze River Economic Zone, expand cooperation with cities in the middle reaches of Yangtze River in the fields of transportation infrastructure, supporting facilities of industry chain, government public service etc.

  (V) Accelerate transformation of agricultural development mode, make new breakthrough in building national modern agriculture demonstration zone

  We'll develop modern efficient eco-agriculture, promote new varieties, new technologies and new models, to improve agricultural development quality and benefit.

  Developing modern urban agriculture. We'll increase 15,000-mu standard agricultural production demonstration base, accelerate the construction of 7 modern agriculture demonstration gardens, encourage and support new market players to participate in "vegetable basket" construction project, promote 15,000 sets (units) of applied new agricultural machinery, realize 268.0 billion yuan production value of agricultural products processing, drive the construction of city of seeds in China, accelerate the development of intelligent agriculture and cyclic eco-agriculture, take "Internet + agriculture" action, develop e-commerce platform of agricultural products, and support and accelerate the construction of 300 village-level e-commerce comprehensive service stations.

  Completing modern agriculture operation system. Base on land transfer, we'll actively develop diversified moderate scale operation, accelerate the cultivation of agricultural enterprises, increase 1000 modern agricultural operation subjects; we'll support building national-level and provincial-level demonstration zones for quality safety of agricultural products in new city zone; we'll further promote the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives as well as reform development of agricultural reclamation; we'll develop and expand rural equity exchange market.

  Building beautiful countryside. We'll take special management of rural waste action, intensify rural sewage treatment and latrine improvement, realize standard environmental health in all administrative villages of the city, promote the construction of demonstration of model villages in beautiful countryside; we'll fully complete rural irrigation and drainage ditches harnessing projects, and solve the problem of "the last mile" in farmland irrigation.

  (VI) Strengthen social construction, make new breakthrough in supporting and improving people's livelihood

  While promoting the economy and urban upgrading, we'll focus more on upgrading of people's livelihood, to allow more urban citizens to enjoy more development achievements.

  Strengthening employment and social security work. We'll increase 160,000 jobs for urban and rural citizens, transfer 50,000 rural workers, and increase 25,000 startup owners; we'll deepen the reform of medical insurance system, improve endowment insurance policy for the groups of residents, self-employed persons, migrant workers etc; we'll increase 35,000 social insurance beneficiaries/times, increase basic pension for retirees of enterprises, government organs and public institutions, benefit 52,000 households from shantytowns transformation, ensure housing security task set by provincial government, strengthen social relief and assistance work, and continue to improve urban and rural lowest insurance standards.

  Improving public service quality. We'll facilitate impartial and high-quality education development, implement school district management in compulsory education, build high-level vocational education practice bases, support universities in Wuhan to establish world first-class universities and disciplines; we'll improve the level of hygienic and family planning services, steadily carry out comprehensive reform of public hospitals, ensure health care reform "benefiting the public and strengthening medical care", improve grassroots health service capacity, actively promote hierarchical medical service pilot project, and encourage setup of international featured medical institutions.

  Rapid development of culture and sports undertakings. We'll prepare the 70th anniversary of foundation of new China, and construct some major landmark projects; we'll complete the memorial hall of the central organ of the communist party of China, commence the construction of Panlongcheng Museum, launch the construction of venue of 7th Military World Games in 2019, Shenjiaji Football Super Cup etc; we'll properly organize brand games and events such as the first Wuhan international marathon race, the 3rd WTA Wuhan Open, 7·16 mass fitness swimming week etc.

  Innovating social governance. we'll implement innovation of social governance, strengthen "1+10" reform of grassroots construction, continuously promote members of community "two committees" participating in owners committee by law, improve "tripartite linkage" mechanism of community neighborhood committee, owners committee and property service company, and improve the level of property service and community governance; we'll paunch "7.5" law dissemination, punish "two robbery and one theft" criminal acts, implement "five musts", establish the concept of "hidden risk is accident", timely investigate and rectify various hidden risks concerning work safety; we'll create national food safety city, actively serve military restructuring and reform, deepen military-civil integrative development, and work hard to win national model city for double support for "six consecutive years".

  "In the big world, the people is foremost". In this year, we'll continue to take ten actions to solve the problems concerned by urban citizens.

  1. Relieving traffic congestion. We'll improve intelligent traffic system, strengthen parking and driving guide, realize "monthly notice, weekly forecast, daily information" of traffic conditions, comprehensively improve 60 traffic congestion points and 90 road sections with potential hazard, build 100 microcirculation road sections, increase 2000 pedestrian crossing traffic lights and 1500 driving signal lights on primary and secondary trunk roads, erect 175 LED active light-emitting warning signs interchange ramps and curves, update and improve 40,000 curb parking markers and marking lines, and increase 20,000 parking spaces.

  2. Improving air quality. We'll implement "embrace blue sky" action plan, reduce 2.6% total coal consumption in the whole city, install 100 dust pollution online monitors at urban construction sites in central city zone, promote the installation of spray dust-suppressing facilities at 100 sites of construction projects, improve waste soil, dust and garbage pollution in the airport, railway stations and long-distance bus station, complete catering fume control and reconstruction of 25,000 restaurants, supply gasoline oil and diesel oil for national standard V vehicles, and promote 5000 NEVs.

  3. Reducing in-city water-logging. We'll implement sponge city pilot work with 150 sponge reconstruction projects in Qingshan and Sixin demonstration areas, build 100km network of drains, complete construction of 6 drainage projects, including reconstruction of pumping stations in the west of Hangang Wuhan Steels and phase 3 Houhu project, reconstruction and expansion of tail water open channel along #21 highway etc, and launch construction of 11 6 drainage projects; it's worth to note that, water-logging in Wangjiawan(Hanyang), Qintai Avenue, Hankou bund, Wuchang Vehicle Factory, Qinyuan Road etc has been relived obviously.

  4. Care for disabled people and children suffering serious disease. We'll serve disabled people suffering serious hearing and speech disorder for taking bus, light rail, metro and ferry free of charge; we'll screen congenital heart disease for all infants free of charge, and grant 20,000 yuan medical subsidy to those who need operation.

  5. Implementing targeted poverty alleviation, improving the environment of old communities. We'll focus on targeted poverty alleviation, carry out the third round of "30 thousand" activity, realize 77 poor villages getting rid of poverty, relief and revocation of 43,369 rural poor population, build 150 teenagers day care rooms in winter and summer vacation; we'll renovate 133 old communities and 60 urban road overhead pipelines.

  6. Improving schooling and medical conditions. We'll reconstruct and upgrade CCTV systems in the campus of 660 primary and secondary schools, continue to hand out one citizen's manual and one "Wuhan Tong" bus-taking card for each full-time freshman; we'll upgrade 10 community healthcare service centers and 15 rural health clinics.

  7. Strengthening food safety guarantee. We'll improve safety level of 1000 eating and drinking establishments; we'll promote "open cooking" at 500 catering service units, take 30,000 batches/times of food safety samples, and publicize inspection result in each month.

  8. Facilitating information consumption of urban citizens. We'll implement "100 megabyte access" project, more than 80% broadband users with access capacity up to 100 megabyte; we'll eliminate the problems of WLAN network spike, low internet speed, lost connection etc in 1000 public areas, and realize fiber optic "connection to all villages" in new city zone.

  9. Promoting public benefit from culture and sports utilities. We'll configure for activity equipments 498 grassroots art performing teams, deliver 20-day free swimming of primary and secondary school students in 35 swimming places during summer vacation, and train 4000 teenagers for swimming, football playing, tennis playing etc for free.

  10. Supporting innovation and entrepreneurship. We'll support with priority the construction of more than 2 innovation parks in the area of densely distributed universities; we'll support construction of "innovation valley", increase 50 innovation and entrepreneurship spaces, support innovation parks and platforms to provide creators with "fully furnished, 100 megabyte access, intermediary agency" services, help 20000 innovation and entrepreneurship persons, and increase more than 2000 innovation and entrepreneurship businesses of university students.

  (VII) Focus on innovation and practicability, undertaking and efficiency, make new breakthrough in government construction

  "Action is essential in governance, steadfast act succeeds, empty talk fails". We'll consolidate "Three Stricts and Three Steadies" themed educational achievement, strengthen self-construction, motivate doing and entrepreneurship, and continuously create new situation in government work.

  Strict administration according to law. We'll seriously implement legislation plan of Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal People's Congress, improve legal, scientific and democratic decision-making mechanism, implement the regulations on major administrative decision-making procedures of the government, main strict administrative law enforcement responsibility system and fault accountability system; we'll improve big urban management comprehensive law enforcement system, deepen the reform of market supervision law enforcement system, drive standard construction of administrative review, strengthen administrative pleading work, consciously accept legal supervision and work supervision by Wuhan Municipal People's Congress and Standing Committee of Wuhan Municipal People's Congress, as well as democratic supervision of Wuhan Committee of People's Political Consultative Conference; we'll properly handle the proposals of Wuhan Municipal People's Congress, delegates' suggestions and proposals and motions of Wuhan Committee of People's Political Consultative Conference.

  Improving administration effectiveness. We'll rely on of rule of law, market and internet thoughts, make efforts to improve our capacity of deepening reform, driving development, resolving conflict and maintaining stability; we'll accelerate "Cloud Wuhan, government administration" construction, build government data resource sharing platform, pilot construction of government office system via mobile internet; we'll try the administrative model of "united acceptance at reception counter, classified review and approval in backstage, issue document at united window" at government service center; we'll optimize handing procedures and service procedures at Wuhan Citizens Home, realize more than 90% online handling matters, further cut the number of meetings and documents, to act efficiently, consult practically, and issue useful documents.

  Strengthening accountability. We'll maintain strict performance management, improve objective assessment, incentive and evaluation system consistent with five development concepts; we'll publicize responsibility externally, closed-loop responsibility internally, build rigorous responsibility chain; we'll deepen accountability of mediocre officials, play a big role in TV politics, timely hot-spot issues complained by the masses, seriously investigate and treat idleness, slow act and misconduct, explore and establish reform innovation impunity mechanism, and motivate doing and entrepreneurship.

  Strengthening construction of clean government. We'll adhere to "uniform force theory", strictly implement entity responsibility system and "one position two responsibilities" in building party's work style and clean government; we'll strengthen supervision in key fields of engineering construction, land transfer, government procurement, equity transaction etc, practice zero tolerance and relentless punishment of all illegal and undisciplined cases, decisively rectify bad practice jeopardizing the interest of the masses; we'll hold iron-handed spirit and persistently construct law-based government and service-oriented government.

  Dear delegates,

  Like the god bird soaring high, we set sail to chase our dream. The blueprint of "the 13th Five-Year Plan" is drawn, as long as we keep striving and marching forward, our dream will come true. Let's closely unite around the CPC Central Committee with Comrade Xi Jinping as the core, under the powerful leadership of Hubei Provincial Committee of the CPC, Hubei Provincial People's Government and Wuhan Municipal Committee of the CPC, explore and innovate, race against the time, compose a glorious chapter of building a national central city and reviving the greater Wuhan!