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  • 2017 Wuhan College Student Art Festival Concludes

    Best Actress Pleasantly Surprising News (Reporter Mei Dongni, Correspondent Jiang Yanli) I act my youth, I love my city. Sponsored by Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Culture, corresponding with Wuhans Entrepreneurship and Employment Initiative of Retain Millions of College Students in Wuhan, the 2017 Wuhan College Student Theatrical Art Festival came to its conclusion on June 9th at the Zhongnan Theater...【more】

  • STEM Curricula in Wuhan Sannew School

    How can you not break an egg when it falls from a high place? This kind of experiment which will be conducted only in university can be seen in class of Wuhan Sannew School recently. The interesting curricula similar to this egg-impacting-earth experiment are called STEM. STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. In the United States, STEM is recognized as the education for...【more】

  • Maker Education First Applied to over 60 Primary and Secondary Schools of Wuhan

    Expert opinion Maker Education shall be the General Education. Maker Education is not only used to cultivate inventors; whats more, it aims to train the spirit, thinking and skills of innovation of students, so it should be a kind of general education. Maker Education can be understood in two ways: special education for cultivating makers and education similar to Maker cultivation. The significanc...【more】

  • Education of Intellectual Property Rights for Teenagers

    Wuhan always pay more attention to the education of intellectual property rights for primary and secondary schools, which will be used as one of the important carriers of quality-oriented education provided for primary and secondary schools and a significant measure of cultivating the spirit of innovation and creative ability of primary and secondary school students. An implementation system of in...【more】

  • "I offer a plan for college students' entrepreneurial project" of Wuhan Bioengineering Institute

    Final of Changhe-Jinqiu Cup entrepreneurial project of Wuhan Bioengineering Institute (WBI) was held in auditorium of WBI on September 24, 2015. After grouping PK and ultimate showdown of 15 teams in the final, the team led by Wang Xianglan from department of chemical and environmental engineering won the grand prize of Changhe-Jinqiu Cup with the project Hollow Fiber Ultrafiltration Membrane Core...【more】

  • The Second "WHU-GEO CUP" National Smart City and Creative Design Contest of Postgraduates

    The closing ceremony of the Second WHU-GEO CUP National Smart City and Creative Design Contest of Postgraduates were successfully held in Wuhan University on August 29, 2015, marking the formal end of the four-month contest. The review team of the expert committee evaluated the scientificity, technicality, applicability and creativity of the entries and eventually 440 teams, 1418 participants, 9 a...【more】

  • Wuhan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Camp

    The first Wuhan Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Training Camp was formally started in Wuhan Vocational Education Guidance Center for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises on March 27, 2015 and more than 50 entrepreneurs participated in this camp. Deputy director of Wuhan Vocational Education Guidance Center, Wang Peng, deputy director of Jiangan District Economy and Information Technology Commi...【more】

  • Creative Design Competition of Primary and Secondary School Students in Wuhan

    Awarding ceremony of Creative Design Competition of Primary and Secondary School Students in Wuhan was held in Wuhan Finance and Trade School on June 26, 2016. Three first prizes, seven second prizes, 28 third prizes, 50 excellence awards and 5 best organization awards were evaluated and selected in the competition. The two products that won the first prize, 3D medical robot of the Primary School...【more】

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