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Wuhan Design Biennale

Release time:2017-09-15 10:40

Wuhan Design Biennale

The 1st Wuhan Design Biennale

On November 11, 2011, the “1st Wuhan Design Biennale” and “Art City Forum” series cultural activities were carried out in Wuhan Art Museum. These activities lasted 20 days and ended on November 30, 2011. As the largest design exhibition Wuhan has ever witnessed, “Exhibition” and “Forum” activities supplemented each other, attracted continuous track and report of numerous media, widely concerned by engineering, economic, design and art circles both at home and abroad and at the same time aroused strong resonance among Wuhan citizens, powerfully promoted the city image of Wuhan, shown the depth of Wuhan culture, condensed the advantages of Wuhan design industry, laid the foundation of Wuhan Design Biennale as an important culture brand and made Wuhan take a firm step towards creating “ World Engineering Design Capital”.


The 2nd Wuhan Design Biennale
The academic subject of the 2nd Wuhan Design Biennale was temporarily set as “City of Art”, appealing humans to think deeply and philosophically about our own living environment. By presentation of and study on the “Combination of Engineering and Art” and “City of Art”, form a supplementary speculative logic relationship: the former can be interpreted as a study on the theoretical basis, while the latter can be considered as practice and experiment of the former.


The 3rd Wuhan Design Biennale
The 3rd Wuhan Design Biennale was held from December 8 to 21, 2015 in Star of Optical Valley, CSCEC and another two stadiums.

The exhibition consists of design, forum and integrative activities. Among which, as the core of Wuhan Design Biennale, design exhibition consists of six modules, respectively “History •Inheritance” module displaying Wuhan outstanding historical buildings, Jingchu architectural works and artists’ works; “Strength •Contemporary” module displaying excellent design cases produced by Wuhan, “Leader •Future” module intensively displaying new thought, new technologies, new materials and new construction methods of engineering design, including digital architectures 3D printed model and housing industrialization, BIM design technology, green architectural designs, establishment of integrated pipe networks, intelligent system applied in design and development and utilization of underground space; “Vigor •Folk” module with works selected from the folk and displaying pictures about changes of Wuhan urban styles and new construction styles; “Remote •Symphony” module with works selected from foreign countries, works of exploration and design enterprises in other domestic regions and works for “Excellent Engineering Project Exhibition of National Exploration and Design Industry in 2015” exhibited by Central-South Architectural Design Institute Co., Ltd.; “Prosperity •New Prominent” module with works mainly selected from award-winning works of “2015 AUTODESK REVIT Cup National College Sustainable Architectural Design Competition”. Some representative works from award-winning works of national full-time college students (including postgraduate students) and vocational college students were selected for the exhibition. According to statistics, about 450 works were exhibited.