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Report on the Work of the Government and Policies Relevant to the Development of Cultural and Creative Industry

Release time:2017-08-10 11:09


  l Relevant statements in Report on the Work of the Government (2015)

  High-level smart cities shall be constructed as per high standards in order to improve the intelligentization of economic and social developments. The Overall Planning for Wuhan Smart Cities shall be deeply implemented. The national big-data strategy shall be implemented practically to develop the supercomputer center and enhance urban service functions such as the big data and cloud computing. Demonstration projects related to applications of Internet Plus and Internet of Things shall be implemented. Projects of “Smart Government” shall be implemented to establish the citizen and enterprise-oriented service system to make government affairs public, thus providing intelligentized services via online and offline platforms.

  The municipal government has prepared the Outline of the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economy and Social Development of Wuhan (Draft) in accordance with Suggestions of Wuhan Municipal Party Committee on the Formulation of the 13th Five-Year Plan for National Economy and Social Development.

  The overall idea and development goals of the economic and social development of Wuhan during 13th Five-Year Plan Period are as follows: The great banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics shall be held high, and the spirit of important speeches made by Communist Party General Secretary Xi Jinping shall be thoroughly implemented. The development idea of innovation, coordination, green, open and sharing shall be firmly established, and the strategy of “Four Comprehensives” (Comprehensively build a moderately prosperous society, comprehensively deepen reform, comprehensively govern the nation according to law, comprehensively strictly govern the Party) shall be insisted. What's more, development shall be focused as the top priority, and the working policy of “making progress, improving quality, promoting efficiency, being quality oriented while giving consideration to quantitative indicators” shall be insisted. In addition to creating and adapting to new normal actively, the integrated economic construction, political construction, cultural construction, social construction and ecological civilization construction shall be promoted comprehensively, the comprehensive national innovation reform experiments shall be advanced systematically, and the construction of industrial innovation centers which are globally influential shall be sped up. Furthermore, the economy, city and people's livelihood shall be upgraded to a new level to take the lead in achieving the moderately prosperous society. The leading position of Wuhan among all cities across China in terms of the comprehensive economic strength shall be consolidated and the best endeavor shall be made to turn Wuhan into one of the first-tier cities in China, thus laying solid foundation for reviving and developing Wuhan into a national central city.

  (1) Improving the economic scale and quality synchronously by insisting innovative development and expediting transformation

  Innovation, the focus of development, leads the future. We should quicken the development of innovation cities, cultivate new development forces, construct new industrial systems and thus upgrade the economy of Wuhan. The gross regional production across Wuhan shall reach 1.9 trillion Yuan by 2020.

  The comprehensive innovation reform experiment shall be propelled systematically, and national innovation centers shall be built. The plan of doubling the industrial innovation capacity shall be implemented to construct the industrial innovation ecosystem which integrates “Five Chains” (the industrial chain, innovation chain, talent chain, capital chain and policy chain) basing on three core sectors such as the information technology, life health and intelligent manufacturing. The plan of “Wuhan City Partner” shall be implemented to establish a close connection with innovative and entrepreneurial talents in order to make them fight together for the common future and thus to develop Wuhan into an international talent hub. The plan of “Entrepreneurship Valley” shall be carried out to develop strong innovation parks, including Wuhan Future Science and Technology Town, Raycom Wisdom Valley and Daijiashan Science and Technology Park, to overspread the great mass fervour for innovation and entrepreneurship vigorously across the whole city. By 2020, the ability of Wuhan in converging global innovation elements shall be promoted significantly, the East-Lake National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone shall be basically built into a world-class science & technology park, and Wuhan City shall be developed into a national innovation-oriented city.

  The project of developing Wuhan into the “City of Books”, “City of Museums”, “City of Creativity” “City of Arts” and “City of Universities” shall be deeply carried out to improve the cultural strength of Wuhan City. Socialist core values shall be adhered to build the consensus and to converge powers in order to develop the spiritual home commonly owned by all Wuhan citizens. The project of promoting Wuhan into a more civilized city shall be implemented to improve and share the self-confidence, sense of gain and sense of honor among Wuhan citizens.

  Nationally leading cultural functional areas shall be developed. The Wuhan Qintai Culture and Art Center shall be constructed, and the protection and reconstruction of historic districts at Qingdao Road shall be sped up in order to form the cultural functional area featured by 1 core region (Qintai--Guibei) and 2 belts (Wuchang Ancient City-- East Lake and Shahu Lake, Yangtze River in Hankou----Zhang Gongdi Forest Park and Wuhan Garden Expo Park).

  The cultural strength shall be strengthened. The glamour of historical cultures such as the Zhiyin Culture (developed from the legend of Yu Boya and Zhong Ziqi who are bosom friends), Panlong Culture, Mulan Culture and Shouyi Culture shall be highlighted. The international influence of famous cultural events such as the Qintai Music Festival shall be enhanced. The project of cultivating key cultural activities and sports events shall be carried out, and key international events such as the 7th Military World Games shall be organized appropriately to build Wuhan into a city of culture, sports and leisure. In addition, diversified needs of different groups shall be considered to revive the glory of traditional Chinese Han culture and cultivate numerous leading figures representing the modern culture. Important national cultural industry bases shall be constructed, too.

  The influence of Wuhan City shall be strengthened. International communication platforms shall be developed to support the integrated development of traditional media and new media. Global marketing shall be carried out to tell about fascinating stories of Wuhan and thus to build positive image for this city. The publicity and reputation of Wuhan City shall be improved by utilizing cultural communication in order to develop Wuhan into an international and desirable city.

  We will pay more attention to the following priorities during our work:

  (I) Expediting the construction of the national innovation-oriented city, and making new breakthroughs in converging innovation elements and improving the innovation capacity

  The comprehensive innovation reform experiment will be initiated comprehensively, the integration of “Five Chains” (the industrial chain, innovation chain, talent chain, capital chain and policy chain) will be promoted, innovation bottlenecks will be broken through, and the innovation ecosystem will be optimized in order to generate reproducible and propagable experiences.

  Enterprise-oriented innovation mechanism will be improved. The action plan which covers all R&D institutions of medium and large enterprises will be formulated and implemented to encourage high and new technology enterprises to establish R&D centers widely. To be more specific, 30 R&D institutions of Global 500 enterprises, China’s top 500 enterprises and transnational corporation will be introduced. The policy system encouraging innovations will be improved. Measures of qualifying innovative products will be formulated, and the ratio of governmentally purchased services and innovative products of small and medium scientific and technological enterprises will be increased. Pilot projects of the scientific and technological finance reform will be propelled deeply, and mother funds of Angel Investments will be established.

  The construction of innovation parks will be advanced comprehensively. Policies related to the spatial layout planning, land planning, talent reward and Angel Investment of innovation parks will be prepared basing on constructions of industrial parks and transformations of old cities and towns, old factory buildings and old villages. A number of large-scale competent and experienced enterprises will be invited to invest into, construct, manage and operate innovation parks. New incubators such as Wisdom Valley and Makerspace will be established, and a number of innovation parks will be constructed. The development of the City of Universities will be accelerated to develop the innovation circle and belt around institutions of higher learning and the East Lake. The construction of the new science-technology town in Hankou will be sped up, too.

  More efforts will be made to cultivate and introduce high-end innovative talents. The plan of “Wuhan City Partner” will be implemented vigorously, and those “10 policies” targeted on “three kinds of talents” (leading personnel from various sectors, well-known venture capital investors, and outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial young talents) will be carried out practically in order to establish the information base for leading personnel from the global industrial sectors. It is expected that a minimum of 2 leading personnel from various sectors and 200 high-end enterprise talents can be invited to join us. The implementation of the cradle project will be accelerated, and various apartments and communities will be constructed for young entrepreneurs. In addition, offshore entrepreneurial bases will be explored and constructed for overseas talents.

  Industrial innovation projects of “Internet Plus” will be deeply implemented. The project of building Wuhan into a “City on the Cloud” will be accelerated, and demonstration projects of “Smart Cities” will be popularized. The mobile internet, cloud computing, big data and Internet of Things will be integrated with the manufacturing industry and service industry to develop and enhance the new industry patter such as the Industrial Internet and Internet Finance.

  (III) Following the development law of cities, maintain development momentum, and making breakthroughs in promoting the comprehensive functions and quality of cities

  The postmodern concept will be applied, and more attention will be paid to ecological protection and construction regulation rather than focusing on construction guidance merely. The original focus on developing urban functions will also be changed to the improvement of functions and quality of cities. New urban management methods featured by social governance, intelligence and modernization will be applied to replace traditional ones.

  ...... We will continue to handle 10 concrete affairs related to issues widely concerned by Wuhan citizens in this year.

  10. Innovation and entrepreneurship will be supported. Major supports will be provided to construct a minimum of 2 innovation parks within areas where numerous universities and colleges are located. Outstanding “Entrepreneurship Valleys” will be established and 50 maker spaces will be increased. Various comprehensive services such as 100Mb broadband services will be provided by innovation parks and platforms for innovative and entrepreneurial talents. Supports will be provided to 20000 innovative and entrepreneurial talents to start their businesses. Over 2000 innovation and entrepreneurial enterprises of college students will be newly established.

  l Other relevant statements made by municipal leaders:

  I. Building Wuhan into a national innovation-oriented city by advancing comprehensive innovation reform experiments

  (At present, innovation has become the world tide and the principal motive force of development. Only innovators can become strong enough to win the competition. Innovation is not only important for the present of Wuhan, but also fatal for the future for this city. Innovation is a key step and winning factor for Wuhan to become the winner in the future.)

  The municipal party committee and municipal government have made the systematic planning to promote comprehensive innovation reform experiments and to develop Wuhan into a national innovation-oriented city. To sum up, “1 center”, “3 sectors”, “4 plans” and “5 chains” will be developed with emphasis. To be more specific, the industrial innovation center with global influence will be constructed, and the information technology, life health and intelligent manufacturing will be invested with focus. The innovation chain will be deployed basing on the industrial chain, the talent chain will be developed, the capital chain will be improved and the policy chain will be promoted to offer essential supports. Details of “4 plans” to be implemented are as follows:

  Firstly, the plan of “Wuhan City Partner” will be implemented. Talent is the foundation and source of innovative development. The reason why Shenzhen has become an innovation-oriented city lies in the fact that numerous innovative and entrepreneurial talents have been attracted by this city. For example, over 60000 overseas returnees have been introduced during the past 15 years. During the process of implementing the plan of “Wuhan City Partner”, special attention will be paid to three groups including leading personnel from various sectors, well-known venture capital investors, and young innovative and entrepreneurial talents. What's more, various talent-oriented concepts will be fully utilized. For example, more partners can be attracted by providing advantageous industrial conditions, supported by useful platforms, assisted by sufficient capitals, encouraged by favorable policies and comforted by supportive environment. “10 policies” formulated for those three groups will be implemented practically to make use of appropriate services to attract outstanding talents at home and abroad to chase their dreams and make achievements in Wuhan.

  Currently, the plan of “Wuhan City Partner” has aroused enthusiastic responses at home and abroad. 60 “Wuhan City Partner” candidates featured by high-end talents, high industrial integration degree and high scientific and technological content have been determined. (For example, Cheng Yibing, an academician of Australian Academy of Technology and Engineering, has successfully managed the pioneering project of full-automatic silk-screen printing line of dye-sensitized solar cell, a project funded by the Australian government. At present, Cheng Yibing and his team have founded a company named Wuhan Granvey Technology Co., Ltd. in Wuhan).

  We will strive to introduce 10 industrial innovative leaders, 1000 high-level talents and over 10000 outstanding innovative and entrepreneurial talents in the next five years to build Wuhan into an international talent hub.

  Secondly, the plan of “Entrepreneurship Valley” will be carried out. The project of “Entrepreneurship Valley” not only meets needs of changing the development force, but also grasps opportunities brought by the organic urban renewal. This project is a complex support of economic development and urban upgrading, as well as a booster of promoting the livelihood to a new level. The overall requirement of this project is to develop “Entrepreneurship Valleys” featured by cutting-edge industry orientation, good innovation ecosystem, comprehensive innovation service, and convenient and livable living environment. To this end, 5 “Bests” will be achieved as follows:

  The best space will be provided. (The location planning will be organized scientifically, which means the best location and best resources will be provided to construct “Entrepreneurship Valleys” at places with beautiful environment and convenient transportation.)

  The best policy will be implemented. (We need to put forward favorable policies which are not available in other places, and organize the top-level policy design appropriately to make our policies influential, unique, advantageous and leading in China. For example, the Angel Fund (no less than 100000000 Yuan) will be established for each Entrepreneurship Valley. What's more, policies related to the land planning, tax, financial subsidy and public rental housing will be formulated.)

  The best service will be offered. (The comprehensive industry chain will be developed to provide essential supports for entrepreneurs across the whole entrepreneurship process. Personalized innovation services and professional incubation services will also be made available. It is expected that entrepreneurs can settle in the “Entrepreneurship Valley” of Wuhan and carry out their projects and ideas directly without worrying about other matters, as comprehensive services will be provided to them.)

  The best platform will be developed. (The intelligent service platform will be constructed, and the network facility will be ungraded in order to equip each “Entrepreneurship Valley” with 10G optical network, provide each building therein with 1G optical network, and connect terminal equipment with 100 Mb broadband networks.)

  The most promising entrepreneurs will be cultivated. (The mission of the “Entrepreneurship Valley” is to attract numerous talents widely and cultivate them into competitive enterprise leaders and entrepreneurship leaders with the global vision.)

  Endeavors will be made to develop a minimum of 10 nationally leading “Entrepreneurship Valleys” which integrate productions, living activities and eco-development, and thus to build those valleys into ideal places for talents to chase their dreams within 3 years. (For example, the “Wisdom Valley” jointly developed by Hongshan District Government and Legend Holdings has positioned as a world-class artificial intelligence industry park.)

  Thirdly, the strategic plan of promoting emerging industries will be implemented. Special attention will be paid to the information technology, life health and intelligent manufacturing to develop 1 center (internationally known and domestically leading innovation center for the photoelectron manufacturing industry) and 3 bases (innovation base of new-generation information technology industry, innovation base for life health industry, and innovation base for intelligent manufacturing industry).

  [ In terms of the information technology industry, the integrated circuit system which focuses on semiconductor chips will be developed, and the industrial chain and innovation chain for display terminal, mobile intelligent terminal, 5th-generation mobile communication (5G), wearable devices (VR and AR) will be improved. Overall arrangements related to Internet of Things, photoelectron, geospatial information and quantum communication will be made. In addition, industrial bases related to the cloud computing and big data will be planned and constructed, too.

  As to the life health industry, special attention will be paid to industrialized projects and innovative institutions related to biological medicine, medical apparatus and instruments, precision medicine, smart healthcare, genetic technology, seed industry, biological agriculture, health and aged-care services.

  With regard to the intelligent manufacturing industry, special attention will be paid to the development of industrial projects and innovation platforms related to the sensor, industrial software, high-end numerically-controlled machine tool, robot, ocean engineering equipment, laser processing equipment, aerospace equipment and intelligent vehicle. ]

  In the meantime, we will put forth effort to promote the construction of “3 national new bases”. Among those bases, the National Storage Base has been formally launched the day before yesterday. The total investment of this project has totaled to 150 billion Yuan and 300000 chips will be produced per month. As to the National Aerospace Industry Base, the Implementation Plan for it will be approved by National Development and Reform Commission in the near future. In addition, the National New-energy Automobile Base is expected to produce 500000 new-energy vehicles per year by 2020.

  Fourthly, the plan of doubling the industrial innovation capability will be carried out. We expect to achieve “3 huge improvements” by implementing this plan.

  (1) The dominant role played by enterprises in making technical innovations shall be improved significantly. The insufficient motive force and capacity of enterprises in making innovations has become the weakness of the innovation development of Wuhan City. Therefore, policies need to be improved and action plans covering R&D institutions of medium and large enterprises shall be formulated and implemented to push high and new technology enterprises to establish R&D centers widely, thus giving play to the dominant role of enterprises in innovative decisions, R&D investments, scientific researches and R&D achievements. Endeavors shall be made to develop and attract a number of globally influential leading innovation-oriented enterprises operating within various sectors by 2020. To be more specific, over 300 R&D institutions shall be established in Wuhan by top 500 domestic and foreign enterprises and leading enterprises from various sectors, and the number of new and high technology enterprises operating business in Wuhan shall exceed 3000.

  (2) The integration of industrial demands into scientific researches of institutions in universities and colleges shall be hugely increased. According to the survey, over 90% of achievements generated from scientific and technological projects undertaken by institutions related to science, engineering, agriculture and medicine in colleges and universities in Wuhan are theses and writings while application-oriented scientific and technological achievements are rare. It can be concluded that research activities are isolated from industrial demands, which further hinders the process of transforming scientific and technological advantages of Wuhan into economic advantages. Therefore, we need to promote enterprises and colleges and universities to conduct scientific and technological researches basing on the market demand by jointly establishing industrial technology research institutes, academician workstations, industrial technology alliances and R&D centers.

  (3) The role of Wuhan as an important source for high and new technologies and a hotbed for the high-tech industry at home and abroad shall be hugely improved, which is a prerequisite for us to build Wuhan into an industrial innovation center with global influence. (For example, the reason why Silicon Valley has become a global innovation center lies in the fact that emerging industries have been cultivated and developed continuously, including the integrated circuit industry emerged in the 1960s, the bio-pharmaceutical industry generated in the 1970s, the PC industry born in the 1980s, the internet industry prospered in the 1990s, and the clean technology and new energy industry flourished in the 21st century. It can be found that a brand new industry will emerge in Silicon Valley almost every 10 years, which shapes the world greatly. In order to develop Wuhan into a national innovation-oriented city who occupies an important space in the global innovation market, we must generate new technologies, new industries and new patterns continuously. Efforts shall be made to research, develop and transform a number of internationally leading scientific and technological achievements. It is expected that the output value of the high and new technology industry will exceed 1.65 trillion Yuan by 2020.

  l Relevant statements in Suggestions on Developing Wuhan into the City of Books, City of Museums, City of Arts, City of Creativity and City of Universities to Strengthen its Competitiveness

  The great-leap-forward development of the cultural industry shall be vigorously promoted to increase the cultural competitiveness of Wuhan.

  All kinds of market players shall be developed and strengthened. The integration of three networks (telecommunication network, broadcast network and internet) shall be promoted to support the development of the broadcasting, television and digital network industry. The next-generation broadcasting network shall be constructed comprehensively to develop the digital broadcast control platform which integrates various contents. The mobile TV, rail transit TV and web TV shall be developed. What's more, the diversified development of various media such as the Changjiang Daily and Wuhan Evening News shall be supported. Resources of state-owned propaganda organs and cultural institutions shall be integrated, governmental investments shall be increased, and the municipal cultural development and investment group company shall be established. Competitive cultural enterprises shall be encouraged to engage into the merging and reorganization regardless of their regions, industries and ownership systems in order to cultivate strategic investors within the cultural industry. In addition, social capitals shall be directed to invest into the cultural industry in various ways as per relevant policies. Noteworthy is that outstanding and leading private cultural enterprises shall be encouraged to achieve rapid development while essential supports also need to be provided to small and medium cultural enterprises at the same time.

  The modern cultural industry system shall be constructed. To be more specific, emerging cultural industries such as the digital publishing, mobile multimedia and anime games shall be developed vigorously basing on Wuhan Optics Valley Creative Industry Base, South-Lake Science & Technology Creative Industry Park in Hongshan District and Jiangtong Animation Industry Base. What’s more, originality-oriented derivative industries related to books, newspapers and periodicals, audio and video products, stage plays, clothing, toys and entertainment shall be developed.

  The influence of key events and exhibitions such as the China Youth Creative Festival and Optics Valley International Anime Fair shall be strengthened. Enterprises and institutions of higher learning shall be encouraged to establish R&D centers to research into technologies related to the cultural industry, thus enhancing the ability of the cultural industry to make independent innovations. The integration of the cultural industry with other industries such as the tourism, sport, information, logistics and building industry shall be promoted. The cultural content and additional value of the modern manufacturing industry and modern service industry also need to be increased.

  Major cultural projects shall be implemented. The database of key cultural projects in Wuhan shall be established, and the development and investment guidance catalogue for the cultural industry of Wuhan also needs to be prepared. Constructions of key project such as Changjiang Media Tower, Wuhan’s Central Book City, Artistic Performance Complex Building of Wuhan Broadcasting and Television Station, New Wuhan Science and Technology Museum and the East Lake Happy Valley shall be accelerated. The construction of characteristic cultural projects such as Chu Culture Industry Park, Wuhan Engineering Design City, Central China National Digital Publishing Base, Optics Valley Creative Industry Base, Hongshan Creative Avenue, “Hanyang-made” Cultural and Creative Industry Park, Industry Park of Hubei Changjiang Publishing & Media Group, Cultural Industry Park of Wuhan Publishing House shall be supported. Supports also need to be offered to established projects or projects under construction such as Wuhan Central Culture District, Wuhan International Expo Center, Polar Ocean World, Orient Lucky City Racecourse and Jiqing Street in order to give play to the driving effect of those projects.

  The cultural market system shall be improved. On one hand, the construction of markets related to cultural products, cultural services and cultural productive factors shall be strengthened. The market of cultural products such as books, newspapers and periodicals, electronic and audio-visual products, movie and television plays and industrial arts shall be developed with emphasis. On the other hand, the development of large circulation enterprises and logistical bases of cultural products shall be accelerated. Modern circulation organizations and patterns such as the chain operation, logistics distribution and e-commerce shall be developed vigorously. Transactions of artworks and cultural assets shall be improved and standardized. The market of production elements such as the property right, copyright, technology and information shall be developed. Furthermore, the consumption of mass culture shall be expanded, the distinctive cultural consumption shall be developed, and the consumption of grassroots culture shall be improved. In addition, personalized and demassified cultural products and services shall be provided to stimulate cultural consumption.