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  • [9.1.1]In Pursuit of a Lofty Goal - Building Wuhan into an Eco-friendly City

    Overview of Three-Year Efforts in Building Wuhan into a National Garden City A glimpse of Jinyinhu National Urban Wetland Park Wuhan, known as a city of rivers and lakes, has 58 hills and 166 lakes. The space in this freehand-style landscape painting is full of green. In 2006, Wuhan became a national garden city. The landscape garden layout has generally formed; the implication of the cultural gar...【more】

  • [9.1.2]Han Opera

    Han Opera:Drunken Imperial Concubine Formerly called Chu melody, or Er Huang or Han melody, Han opera is one of the oldest types of traditional Chinese drama, with a history of near 400 years. Han opera is mainly popular in the regions of Hubei, Guangdong, Hunan, Shanxi, Henan, Fujian etc. During the ruling of Emperors Jiaqing and Daoguang in Qing Dynasty, the Drama of Hui School was introduced to...【more】

  • [9.1.3]Founding History of "Made in Hanyang": the Rise of Modern China's Industry in the Self-Str

    As a historical legend, Zhang Zhidong, the then Viceroy of Huguang, energetically encouraged the steel and war industries in the Self-Strengthening Movement, achieving the brilliant achievements in the modern Chinas industry. Hubei Firearms Factory, which was built at the foot of Guishan Mountain more than a hundred years ago, is deemed the sign of rise of the industrial civilization of China. Wit...【more】

  • [9.2.1]Wuhan Creative Industry Parks (Bases)

    W.W.K (2015) No.3 (December 9, 2015) Short-list of the First and Second Batch of Municipal Level Culture and Technology Integration Demonstration Parks and Enterprises 1. The first batch of municipal level culture and technology integration demonstration parks (8) Chinese Optics Valley Creative Industry Base Nanhu Technology Creative Industry Park Chutian 181 Cultural Creative Industry Park Centra...【more】

  • [9.2.2]Wuhan Engineering Design Industry Overview

    In 2015, Wuhan had 497 enterprises in the design industry, with more than 72.8 thousand employees and an operating income of 90.97 billion Yuan. There were 6 comprehensive engineering design enterprises with first grade accreditation, 24 first grade engineering survey enterprises, 88 first grade engineering design enterprises, more than 11.02 million registered practicing employees, as well as 11...【more】

  • [9.2.3]Overview of Animation Design Industry in Wuhan

    Development of Animation Industry in Wuhan (2011-2015) In 2011: Development of animation industry in Wuhan In recent years, Wuhans animation industry has forged ahead despite various difficulties by taking culture creativity as core, science and technology innovation as lead and animation originality as focus, as a result of which the innovation capacity keeps improving and quality masterpiece and...【more】

  • [9.2.4]Overview of the clothing design industry in Wuhan

    Base of the clothing design industry in Wuhan: There are over 1600 existing clothing enterprises in Wuhan, where more than 400,000 people are employed, with an annual output value of near 40 billion yuan and the export-oriented foreign exchange earnings over 500 million dollars. And, there are 100 enterprises, each with the output value of more than 100 million yuan and near 10 enterprises, each w...【more】

  • [9.2.5]Overview of the Jewelry Design Industry in Wuhan

    Base of the jewelry design industry in Wuhan: In terms of the jewelry industry, China University of Geosciences is located in Wuhan and has the world-class jewelry design and testing specialities, around which a jewelry market has been formed, integrating a variety of relevant industries like jewelry design and processing, retail, wholesale, inspection and testing, etc., and a high-end jewelry tra...【more】

  • [9.2.6]Overview of the software design industry in Wuhan

    I. Current Situation of Industry Development (1) Rapid development of software and information technology service industry During the period of the 12th Five-Year Plan, Wuhan started to create a Famous Software City in China and strive to develop the software and information technology service industry. The revenue from the software business of Wuhan has been increased from 16.56 billion yuan (in...【more】

  • [9.2.7]Overview of Advertising Industry in Wuhan

    The advertising industry is an important part of modern service industry and cultural industry.It plays an important role in guiding consumption, expanding domestic demand, promoting economic growth and driving social and cultural development, serving as the barometer of economic development. In recent years, Wuhan Municipal Government took advantage of the situation to spare no effort to build fi...【more】