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  • [5.1] Wuhan Map【more】

  • [5.2]Overview of Wuhan City

    l History and Humanities According to archaeological data, primitive ancestors were living and working in Wuhan as early as the Neolithic Age five or six thousand years ago. If the history is calculated from the Panlong City with the early urban form, it can be said that Wuhan City has been developed for over three thousand years. However, the cities existing now in urban and suburb areas of Wuhan...【more】

  • [5.3]History of Urban Planning Development of Wuhan

    Wuhan is an ancient city with a history of 3500 years that can be traced back to Panlong Town, the military fortified point for Shang Dynasty to conquer the South. It originated from the military fastness, thrived in shipping commerce, prospered in modern industry and commerce and flourished in contemporary industry. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Wuchang and Hanyang were set up. In the late Min...【more】

  • [5.4]Wuhan Won the C40 Cities Awards 2015

    Wuhan - Ecological Restoration Project of Jinkou Landfill In January 2009, the city of Wuhan proposed plans of comprehensive control, ecological restoration and comprehensive utilisation for the closed landfill of Jinkou. In 2012, Wuhan decided to restore Jinkou landfill in an ecological way, and to redevelop the area as the main meeting place for the 10th session of Chinas International Garden Ex...【more】

  • [5.5]Wuhan Won the 2009 & 2016 ISOCARP “Award for Excellence in Planning”

    The 2009 ISOCARP Awards for Excellence in the category urban/ city planning goes to: New Comprehensive Planning of Wuhan. Wuhan Planning and Design Institute, Peoples Republic of China. The New Comprehensive Planning of Wuhan is setting the ecological framework for the sustainable metropolis region. The entry shows an advanced technology in problem identification, analysis and presentation. By lin...【more】

  • [5.6]Wuhan Won 5 George S. Richardson Medals

    George S. Richardson Medal is for a single, recent outstanding achievement in bridge engineering. Fields of endeavor may include design, construction, research or education. The following five bridges designed by Wuhan in China won the George S. Richardson Medals: 2016 Ma-an-shan Yangtze River Bridge, Maanshan, Anhui, China 2013 Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, Qingdao City, Shandong Province, China 2012 Nanj...【more】

  • [5.7]Wuhan Joined UNESCO GNLC in 2016

    The UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities is an international policy-oriented network providing inspiration, know-how and best practice. Learning cities at all stages of development can benefit greatly from sharing ideas with other cities, as solutions for issues that arise as one learning city develops may already exist in other cities. The Network supports the achievement of all seventeen Sus...【more】

  • [5.8]Panlong City Site Museum

    The Panlong City Site Museum is located at the former site of Panlong City, at No. 1 Panlong Avenue, Panlong-cheng Economic Development Zone, Huangpi District, Wuhan. Panlong City was the first ever early Shang-dynasty city site to be found in the middle reaches of the Yangtze River, and one of the best-preserved such sites from the period. It is renowned for providing amazing cultural discoveries...【more】

  • [5.9]Wuhan: Oriental Tea Port

    Monument Unveiling Ceremony of Wuhan Oriental Tea Port December 30, 2013 Vice Mayor Liu Liyong is making a speech Photo of experts from both China and Russia and leaders of Ministry of Agriculture and Hubei Provincial and Wuhan Municipal Peoples Governments Tea experts from China and Russia are making speech (; Li Yong) The unveiling ceremony of monument of the Oriental Tea Port and the...【more】

  • [5.10]Western Historical Buildings

    In the early twentieth century, Hankou had become a considerably large international metropolis known as Oriental Chicago. The total length of Hankou Concession in Binjiang District is 1088 zhang (a traditional Chinese unit of length approximately equal to 3.58 meters), with the total area of 2804.4 mu. There have been many old and classic buildings of different countries in this area, which are t...【more】