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  • Create an Open International Planning Alliance Platform

    In order to make planning of urban highlight blocks at higher level, an open international planning alliance platform will be established in Wuhan, well rely on Wuhan Planning Design Institute and Wuhan Land Use Urban Spatial Planning Research Center, cooperate with James OMcKinsey, a top international consultative organization, Boston Consulting Group, a reputable business strategy consultant, an...【more】

  • Hanzheng Street

    Hanzheng Street is a time-honored street. Located in Qiaokou District of Wuhan, its a busy petty commodities market in Hankou, has a colorful record in the history of Wuhan, known as the business lifeline in early development period of the city. Hanzheng Street is experiencing reconstruction and upgrading works, including overall construction as international financial service centre, development...【more】

  • Information Regarding Protection and Utilization of Industrial Heritages in Wuhan

    Wuhan is one of the cradles of Chinese industry in modern time, one of the old industrial bases in inland areas, and an important accumulation area of Chinas manufacturing in modern time, endowed with industrial heritage resources of abundant varieties and quantities. Wuhan Municipal committee of the CPC and Wuhan Municipal Government highly value protection and utilization of industrial heritage,...【more】

  • Wuhan Hubu Lane Han-flavored Feature Street Food Block Development Overview

    Located in Simenkou, Wuchang district, the Hubu Lane Han-flavored Feature Street borders the Ten-li Long Street (Jiefang Road) on the east, opens to the vast Yangtze River on the west, faces the Yellow Crane Tower on the south, and leads to the Dufudi red scenic spot on the north. Surrounded by famous street, tower, scenic spot and river, it is a food paradise on the land of heavenly abundance and...【more】

  • Wuhan Catering Industrial Development Overview

    Recent years have seen rapid development in Wuhan. Wuhan, different every day. Its economy has exceeded one trillion Yuan. According to the newly released 13th Five Year Plan, the future city positioning of Wuhan is that of an international metropolis, so as to lay a solid foundation for building itself into a national central city and for the revitalization of the grand Wuhan. Catering industry i...【more】

  • Development Overview of Wuhan Movie Market and Relevant Industries

    Culture is the core and soul of a city, and is the inexhaustible driving force behind urban development. As Wuhan continues its economic and social development, constantly improves its comprehensive strength, and increasingly expands its cultural consuming capacity, movie being a hot spot in cultural consumption needs to keep up with the pace of development, so that demands of the general public a...【more】

  • Challenges Faced by Urban Development in Wuhan

    Summary of Research Findings on the Environment of Economic and Social Development in Wuhan in the 13th Five-Year In the key period with profound changes in the world economy and society, and unprecedented domestic reform, development and stability tasks as well as contradictions, risks and challenges, Wuhan, as the thoroughfare of nine provinces, shall objectively analyze the macro environment of...【more】

  • History of Urban Planning Development of Wuhan

    Wuhan is an ancient city with a history of 3500 years that can be traced back to Panlong Town, the military fortified point for Shang Dynasty to conquer the South. It originated from the military fastness, thrived in shipping commerce, prospered in modern industry and commerce and flourished in contemporary industry. In the late Eastern Han Dynasty, Wuchang and Hanyang were set up. In the late Min...【more】

  • Overview of Wuhan City (Overview of Urban History, Humanities and Nature)

    l History and Humanities According to archaeological data, primitive ancestors were living and working in Wuhan as early as the Neolithic Age five or six thousand years ago. If the history is calculated from the Panlong City with the early urban form, it can be said that Wuhan City has been developed for over three thousand years. However, the cities existing now in urban and suburb areas of Wuhan...【more】