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A City Full of Vitality Let Love Wake Ears

Release time:2017-09-06 10:47

        Design is not just a slogan or a tool, but an extremely understanding of life and a positive attitude. Design makes city better and makes life more beautiful.
        10:00AM on August 29, 2017, Wuhan Ruopu Art Space associated with Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Committee, Wuhan Municipal Bureau of Culture, Wuhan Children's Library sponsored 2017 Wuhan International Teenagers Creative Month, go into Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology, bring Let Love Wake Ears creative design activity to special groups of children in Tongji Children School for Future.
        More than 20 children from Tongji Children School for Future and a group of little Ruopu fans who signed up for this activity get together in Tongji Hospital. Staff from Pediatric Medical check children’s hearing through games, then children enjoyed cross media interactive E-book reading of  The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore, which earned the 84th Oscar Award for best short film.In the activity MyDesign Helps You, wemotivated children’s creative minds andencourage them to complete painting artworks independently. These well designed and carefully present activities are best creative gifts for school season.
Mr. Wang Pucha, Deputy Director of Wuhan Urban and Rural Construction Committee said,”With the internationalization city construction process, international cultural exchanges and cooperation in Wuhan are vigorous developed with more energetic.We areelaborate Wuhan to be an international Cityof Design, public welfare culture undertakings also need to keep pace with the international development of our city, especially to enhance the care of adolescents and children, concerned about their physical and mental health as well as cultural needs. What we want to build is a city full of vitality.
        On the scene, we saw many kids with IV and wearing hospital gown. They participated in activities under the escort of nurses and parents.Although they arein hospital,  after they knew there isa special creative activity for children was held in pediatric department, who loved to drawwere happy to come to the scene. They participated in E-book reading and listened to creative course taught by artist. TheyreadChildren Creative Design Works Album of Ruopu Art Space and thinkingWho Will be Helped by My Design? At that moment, for the first time they forget the pain, to think deeply that they also have abilities to help others, their creative designsalso full of value and can help others. This may be a reflection on the values of life, as well as the comfort and strength that we hope to bring to these special children through art and creative projects.
        “Making friends in activities is a good way for children in hospital back to society.” On the scene, Mr. Liao Jiazhi, Deputy Party Secretary of Tongji Hospital encourages more public welfare organizations and social forces to participate in activities of carrying for special group of children, establish a mutual public welfare exchange platform for children's health, give children psychological comfort and at the same time, cultivate the loving heart of sick children, teach them return to society in the future.
        In addition, Wuhan Children's Library specially selected Oscar-Winning animated short film The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore for children. Teacher Lin tell this story about "writing", and children are very engaged. Mr. Zhen Huoxing, director of Wuhan Children's Librarysaid,present  the content of book in new media way, enlighten children, teach them a certain truth in the class. Let children love books, learn to open minded, write down their thinking and feelings, express themselves when they were sad. Through interactive reading to develop and stimulate their reading interest, let reading bring comfort and joy to children.
        Ruopu Art Space and Tongji Hospital Affiliated to Tongji Medical College of Huazhong University of Science and Technology has reached a framework cooperation agreement. In the future, Ruopu Art Space will enterTongji Hospital regularly,providespublic art education and creative design courses for the special group of children, Ruopu Art Space Teenagers Creative Artworks Exhibition will sets a directional service point in Tongji Children School for Future. Patients in Tongji pediatric clinic and hospitalized children in Tongji can fill in the Form of Ideas for Designand apply for one-to-one guidance by voluntary artist. Ruopu Art Space will planning independent exhibition andmaking album for these artworks, promote and hold exhibitions abroad, to establish a public service platform for children's health and creativecultural.
        Sizable design industries,  cultural landscapes with modern design elements, design schools and design research institutions,  a large number of designers and design groups, with tradition of holding various types of design expositions, activities and exhibitions. All above arethe basic standards to be selected asDesign Capital of GlobalCreative City Network. Another important aspect is, the city must be a livable city with potential offuture sustainable development, full of vitality and the new generation care and love their city. Young children are the future of our city.